January 10, 2013

Catamaran Accident in Manhattan Leaves 50 Injured

By Jonathan Damashek

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On Wednesday, January 9th, a large catamaran ferry from New Jersey was on its way to lower Manhattan carrying a full deck of passengers. Many of these passengers take the ferry on a weekly or daily basis in order to commute to their jobs in the Big Apple. While the boat occupants figured this was just a typical day in their work week, a sudden jolt sent them spinning. As the catamaran was pulling into the harbor in New York, it struck the dock, tearing a large gap in the ship’s hull. As the metal of the boat peeled back like tin foil, occupants on the ship fell to the ground. Many who had been standing near the ship’s exit place, ready to head off to work, were thrown down violently. Some victims hit their heads on the hard deck, while others twisted their legs or snapped their limbs as they attempted to break their own falls.

An occupant on the ship told ABC News that the tragedy was shocking. Everyone was crying when the large boat crashed into the mooring during rush hour. After the crash occurred, rescue teams rushed to the scene, carrying at least 50 ferry riders to hospitals on stretchers. Some victims were put in neck braces, and one person was rushed to a medical facility in critical condition with serious brain injuries. The accident happened at about 8:45 a.m. at a pear near the South Street Seaport. Investigators are still trying to determine why the crash occurred and why the captain wasn’t able to prevent it.

There were more than 340 passengers on the high-speed ferry that morning. The boat left its dock at Atlantic Highlands to make the trek to Manhattan. Atlantic Highlands is one of the locations still trying to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, so many of the crash victims are simply piling trials on top of trials. One witness of the crash says that she was talking with a ferry employee at the time the accident occurred. The employee was telling her how the boats were so hard to maneuver seconds before the collision. The employee told her that none of the ferry employees enjoyed using the boat that was coming into port because it was so hard to steer.

After the impact, the boat was able to dock normally, and passengers came rushing off in a panic. One witness says that it was apparent that people wanted to get off of the boat as soon as possible. Some unfortunate victims were not able to rush off the vessel because they were immobilized by injuries and pain. The Seastreak Ferry offices say that they are not sure why the incident occurred, but the government has already dispatched National Transportation Safety Board members to the scene to look into the incident and interview all the men and woman aboard. As a result of this mistake, chances are that dozens of injured victims will want to litigate against Seastreak and obtain damages that cover their hospital bills, lost wages, and other expenses. Those who have permanent damage from the accident may even litigate for settlements worth millions of dollars.

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