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What Our Manhattan Injury Lawyers Can Offer You

HKD might not be able to help you with your physical discomfort, but we can assist with the personal injury claims process. We understand that these injuries carry financial and physical impacts. They can alter your way of life, and you shouldn’t have to suffer alone.

We’ve recovered over $500 million for other injured clients and will use our decades of experience to create a unique strategy for your case.

Manhattan Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Injuries can result from several accidents. You could have been injured by the metro on your way to Central Park, or you could have been hit by a car while walking on Dyckman Street. HKD has helped countless people in Manhattan recover damages from accidents.

If you’ve been hurt or a loved one’s death was caused by one of the following events, you could be entitled to compensation.

Manhattan Construction Accidents

You face daily risks if you’re one of the thousands of construction workers living in Manhattan. When a construction worker is hurt on the job, you could receive benefits from workers’ compensation, but a third-party claim may be appropriate or result in greater compensation. We can help you process a third-party claim to cover what workers’ comp can’t.

Our Manhattan construction accident attorneys can guide you through the claims process and work to recover what you’re owed.

Manhattan Car Accidents

We know crashes can be traumatizing, and we’re here to help you return to your life as best as possible. Even with no-fault insurance, your expenses could surpass your coverage if you’re injured in a Manhattan car crash. The Manhattan car accident attorneys with HKD can organize your claim, investigate the crash, gather evidence, work with insurance companies and law enforcement, and help you with court proceedings.

Work Injury Claims in Manhattan

Manhattan workers face hazards at work every day. If you or a loved one are injured on the job due to negligence, HKD and our Manhattan work injury attorneys can review your case, investigate to find evidence, and help you identify who is responsible and if you’re eligible for a third-party injury claim.

Manhattan Truck Accidents

Although there are similarities between car and truck accidents, crashes with large commercial vehicles can be complicated by the parties involved and the significant damages and injuries that often result.  HKD understands the complexities of truck crashes and is ready to help. Our Manhattan truck accident lawyers can investigate the cause of the accident, identify the responsible parties, and work with you through the claims process, so you secure maximum compensation and hold the right party accountable.

Other Vehicle Accidents in Manhattan

HKD accepts claims from aviation accidents, boat accidents, accidents caused by MTA, subways, bus accidents, taxis, rideshares, motorcycles, bicycle, or railroad accidents. No matter the cause of your injuries or damages, you can call HKD’s vehicle accident attorneys. We will work with you to establish your claim, investigate your accident, and determine the full value of your case.

Manhattan Pedestrian Accidents

Manhattan has a lot of pedestrians on its sidewalks and subway stops. But whether walking to work or enjoying a stroll, you could still be injured by a negligent motorist. No matter the cause or location, you deserve compensation and justice if you or a loved one have been injured or killed as a pedestrian. HKD’s pedestrian accident attorneys can help establish liability, gather evidence, and take your claim to court if needed.

Manhattan Premises Liability

Property owners are expected to maintain their premises to a safe standard. If you or a loved one are hurt because someone neglected their property, whether it’s their home, business, or municipality, you could be entitled to compensation. Slip-and-fall accidents, elevator or escalator incidents, swimming pool accidents, or inadequate security are examples of premises liability cases. These claims can be complex, and you must rely on an experienced Manhattan premises liability lawyer like those at HKD.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can be life-altering and hinder almost every aspect of your life. Even something minor, like whiplash, can affect mobility and quality of life. If someone’s reckless behavior caused your spinal injuries, you may deserve compensation, and HKD’s NYC spinal injury attorneys are ready to listen. We will examine the accident, review how your life was impacted, identify liable parties, and work with you through the claims process to secure everything you deserve while you recover.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 176 Americans died of TBI-related injuries every day in 2020. These severe blows or jolts to the head or body can range from mild to serious TBIs and take different times to recover. TBIs can lead to disability or death, so it’s critical to find an experienced personal injury attorney who can guide you through the claims process.

At HKD, we understand the effects TBIs can have on families. TBI victims can be forced to rely on caretakers to provide for them. We might be able to help you recover compensation from the at-fault parties if they’ve caused life-changing traumatic brain injuries.

Burn Injuries

Burns could result from fires, chemicals, electrical accidents, scalding water accidents, or malfunctioning equipment or products. Severe burn injuries are excruciating, with lengthy recoveries often requiring expensive procedures to correct.

If someone’s negligence or reckless activity caused you or a loved one to be burnt, HKD’s burn injury lawyers are ready to review your case.  You could be entitled to compensation, and our team can help identify the liable parties, gather evidence, and work through the claims process.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

When you trust a nursing facility with your or your loved one’s care, you trust them to conduct themselves properly and provide for them safely. However, it’s not uncommon for nursing home staff to abuse elderly citizens.

HKD can review your case for free and help document the signs of elder abuse. If a facility or staff member neglected your elderly loved one and they suffered harm, it is possible to bring a legal claim. HKD’s nursing home abuse lawyers are ready to help.

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims include incorrect prescriptions, birth injuries, misdiagnoses, or causing other injuries. Because care providers are expected to help their patients, they are held to standards of care to protect and promote health.

When they fail to do so because they were reckless or negligent, you need the help of an experienced New York City medical malpractice attorney. At HKD, we can offer a free consultation to review your case.

Manhattan Dog Bites

New York has laws regarding dog bites, and if a dog attacked you in Manhattan, you should know your rights and options for recovering damages. Owners of dangerous dogs can and should be held accountable for the injuries their dogs cause, and a New York City dog bite accident attorney can help. Contact HKD to review your options.

Civil Rights in Manhattan

Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. accepts more than negligence-based cases. If a violation of your civil rights caused you harm, we could help you. Examples of civil rights claims include false arrests, racial profiling, false imprisonment, police brutality, or malicious prosecution. These behaviors can lead to injuries, and those responsible should be held accountable. A Manhattan civil rights attorney with HKD can help you with your case.

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Personal Injury Compensation in Manhattan

Talk to a Manhattan personal injury attorney immediately if someone’s negligence or reckless behavior caused your injuries. They can help you decide if you can pursue compensation if you can prove fault, and what to expect in calculating the value of your claim.

Recoverable Damages in a Manhattan Personal Injury Case

You can be compensated for several things after an accident, like:

  • Past, current, or future medical expenses: the cost of treatment for the injuries caused by the accident. Includes medical bills and prescriptions
  • Other Injury-related expenses: include modifications to accommodate your lifestyle after the accident or transportation costs to receive treatment
  • Pain and Suffering: include emotional trauma you experienced after an accident. These are typically non-economic damages that are difficult to quantify
  • Emotional Distress: refers to mental suffering in response to a traumatic event. Includes anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Disfigurement: refers to any type of scarring or severe changes in appearance after an accident
  • Disability: any change to cognitive or motor functions after an accident, like needing a wheelchair to move around
  • Lost Wages and Benefits: if an accident prevents you from working for a certain amount of time, you could pursue those wages as a part of your injury case
  • Reduced Earning Capacity: if your accident prevents you from performing in the same role or profession, you could pursue compensation for losing the ability to hold your old job
  • Reduced Quality of Life: if an accident causes a severe change in your lifestyle, you could pursue compensation in a personal injury lawsuit
  • Loss of Consortium: if the accident has altered or damaged the relationship between you and your family, you could pursue damages

Manhattan’s Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

After an accident, you could be wondering where to start. Even if you think your insurance coverage is enough to cover your expenses, you may need to file a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

When to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Manhattan

To recover the damages and to hold the liable party responsible, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit. One significant benefit of filing a lawsuit is that you and your attorney can access the defendant’s evidence during a case, which you may not be able to do alone. You’ll also be able to gather evidence of your own.

Most claims are settled before they go to court, but that can depend on the strength of your case and other factors. Sometimes, a trial may be your best option to secure maximum compensation. Other times, it puts pressure on uncooperative insurance companies. After all, trials can be expensive, and insurance companies may decide to settle rather than take the matter to court.

Talk to a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer First

You should discuss your case with an experienced accident attorney if you think your injuries and damages were someone else’s fault. A Manhattan personal injury attorney can determine if you have a case, and they can guide you through the claims process.

Next, Investigate Your Claim

Before filing a claim, you need evidence that someone else caused your accident and that the accident caused your injuries and expenses. You’ll need to gather evidence. Your injury attorney can help you determine what evidence is necessary, and they can help you track it down.

Identify the Liable Parties

The evidence you collect will allow you to assign fault for your accident. Your defense attorney can guide you in filing your claim. Some claims could hold other businesses, people, or municipalities responsible for your damages.

Calculate Your Total Damages

Your Manhattan injury lawyer can help you review the expenses you’ve received from the accident and calculate the non-economic damages incurred. A knowledgeable personal injury attorney can provide the best guidance for your unique case.

Understand New York’s Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Under New York law, there is a deadline to file personal injury claims. This statute of limitations means you could be out of luck if you don’t file your claim in time. Understanding when the statute goes into effect is critical. For most personal injury lawsuits, you have three years to file a lawsuit after the accident. An attorney can walk you through the nuances.

File Your Lawsuit and Notify the Defendants

Once you’ve built your case, you’ll file a summons and complaint. This document explains the circumstances around your case, identifies the defendants, and the compensation you’re seeking and why. Once you’ve filed with the court, the defendants will be served a copy of the complaint and a summons.

Work Through Discovery

Before the case proceeds to trial, both parties will participate in discovery. They’ll share information through legal processes like interrogatories, document requests, or depositions. Attorneys will be able to answer requests from the defendant, and they’ll know how to request evidence to build your case.

Settlement Negotiations

Not every case goes to court. In most cases, defendants and insurance companies will settle outside of court. In many cases, insurance companies will offer lowball settlements to make the case go away. An attorney can identify these low offers and negotiate for you to receive better payouts.

Go to Trial (If Necessary)

If the case isn’t settled, it may go to trial. Your attorney and the defendant will present their sides of your case to a judge or jury for their verdict. Like a criminal trial, both sides will present evidence and arguments to argue that the defendant caused your injuries or if they are not responsible.

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