June 6, 2017

Construction Violations in New York

By Jonathan Damashek

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Construction accidents at work-sites in New York happen often. This kind of work exposes employees to hazards that can hurt them or even kill them. In New York City in 2012, construction workers had the second highest number of workplace fatalities, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The leading causes of construction worker deaths were falls, slips and trips, followed by contact with (being hit by or slammed into) objects and equipment.

Many times, these accidents are caused by construction violations. Although construction employers are legally required to guarantee certain safety measures to keep workers safe, they sometimes violate these regulations, causing many accidents and injuries that could have been easily avoided if the proper precautions would have been followed.

According to OSHA, these are the ten most frequently cited violations that cause most construction accidents:

  1. Duty to have fall protection
  2. Scaffolding
  3. Ladders
  4. Fall protection training
  5. Eye and face protection
  6. General safety/health
  7. Head protection
  8. Aerial lifts
  9. Fall protection systems criteria and practices
  10. Excavations

If contractors are negligent and violate safety regulations, injured workers should be compensated for their medical expenses and lost wages. Our attorneys have handled many cases related to construction accidents such as crush injuries, dangerous equipment, and defective tools among many others. We will guide you and your family through the entire process making sure that your rights are protected and you get the highest-possible compensation.

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