March 24, 2016

How to Prepare to Meet with A Personal Injury Lawyer

By Jonathan Damashek

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Once you’ve set up your first meeting with an attorney to discuss your potential personal injury claim, it is important that you go to that meeting prepared. It’s imperative that you bring copies of all the records and documentation related to the underlying incident. Being prepared for this initial meeting will get your case off to a smooth start.Prepare to Meet with A Personal Injury Lawyer

Written documentation of your injuries, your medical treatment, your damages, and the accident itself are very important to the case. Even if your personal injury lawyer does not specifically mention that you bring the documents to the meeting, it’s still a good idea to bring copies of the documents anyway. Some of these documents may include:

  • Copies of police reports or accident reports generated over the incident
  • Names of all healthcare providers that treated you for this accident
  • Copies of medical bills
  • Information regarding insurance coverage for your medical bills, including any notice of lien sent to you from your insurer
  • Name and contact information of your insurance company and insurance agent.
  • Any information exchanged at the times of the event. This may include names and contact information from the other party or witnesses
  • All the important dates (date of injury, dates of surgery or other treatment and so forth)
  • Copies of any correspondence with insurance companies (your own and the other party’s)
  • Any photographs related to the incident, including pictures of the scene, your injuries, property damage, and anything else that might be relevant

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