Common Workplace Accidents & Injuries in Manhattan

Injuries at work happen more often than you may think and are caused by a wide range of events. Common types of workplace accidents are:

These accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries, including:

Many of these injuries are severe and require lengthy treatment. You may need to hold off on returning to work, or you may be unable to work due to the extent of your condition. If this happens, you could lose the ability to make a living. Luckily, you can seek compensation for your injuries and losses.

Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer After a Work Accident

A Manhattan personal injury attorney will be your ally in the face of insurance companies, your employer, and other liable parties looking to reduce what you receive in terms of work injury compensation. Our construction accident attorneys can tell you about similar cases we’ve handled and their successful outcomes and answer any questions to bring clarity and comfort in a time of confusion.

Our experienced NYC injury attorneys can collect evidence and seek out expert opinions to supplement your case. We will comb through the details to establish liability, fight against the negligent party, and help hold them accountable for paying you what you are owed.

Your Manhattan accident lawyer can examine your particular case and determine who is responsible. We may even discover that multiple third parties can be held liable—increasing your chance to earn full and fair compensation. Recovering financially can be difficult to do alone. With a knowledgeable lawyer, you can have a legal advocate to help file a third-party claim and secure the maximum amount you are owed.

Workers’ Compensation vs. Third-Party Claims

Workers’ compensation is no-fault insurance that most employees in Manhattan have. You do not need to prove who caused the accident, which can eliminate some frustration. Although all your medical bills can be covered, workers’ compensation only covers a portion of your lost wages. You also can’t receive compensation for certain damages like pain and suffering.

In many cases, you might consider filing a third-party claim or lawsuit. HKD can help. Third-party claims can hold an entity outside of your employer or coworkers accountable. For example, if a defective device hurts you at work, you might file a third-party claim against the manufacturer or retailer of the product. You can recover total compensation, including all lost wages, pain, and suffering.

Third-party claims can bring you relief from the financial impact of your accident. Your attorney will work with you to build a strong third-party claim and advocate on your behalf. If necessary, an HKD lawyer can take your case to trial and fight for the settlement you deserve.

Who’s Responsible for a Workplace Injury?

Whoever caused your work injuries should be held liable to pay the damages. However, liability in a work-related accident varies from case to case.

An Employer or Coworker

If an employer or fellow employee caused your injuries, you are probably entitled to workers’ compensation. While workers’ compensation is a tedious process of filling out forms and communicating with your employer, it does not require you to prove fault.

Negligent Third Parties

Someone outside your job who is still connected to the accident is considered a third party. Their negligence caused your accident and work-related injuries, even if they are not directly affiliated with your company. Examples of a third party can include:

If you believe your accident resulted from an outside party’s negligence, you may file a claim or lawsuit against them. Multiple third parties may be at fault. It is important to consult a lawyer to ensure every liable party is accounted for and no stone is left unturned. HKD will use our understanding of the law to help bring you a desirable outcome and find the best way to secure maximum compensation.

Compensation for a Manhattan Work Injury

You should be able to recover compensation for the losses you sustained due to a workplace accident that you didn’t cause. Your lawyer can prove the extent of your losses through evidence and expert testimony. They will also help ensure you file a claim within the New York statute of limitations, which varies depending on the legal route you take.

Damages you can recover in a work injury case include:

Calculating compensation can be tricky to do without the experience and knowledge of a Manhattan work injury lawyer. Many accept low settlement offers without an attorney or feel pressured and lost throughout the process. An attorney can guide you, examining every facet of your case to determine which damages you are owed and the value for each.

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