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When your soft tissue injury is the result of someone else’s carelessness or recklessness, you have the right to seek compensation from them to cover your losses. If it is a job-related injury, you should be able to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

For help obtaining all of the compensation you are due, call Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. today to speak with a New York City personal injury lawyer about your case.

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NYC Soft Tissue Injury Lawyers What Are Soft Tissue Injuries?

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), the most frequently seen soft-tissue injuries are:

  • Strains– A strain is an injury to a muscle or tendon. It typically comes about from overuse or extreme stretching. The injury may involve a tear of muscles or tendons, and surgery may be necessary if the damage is severe enough.
  • Sprains– A sprain specifically affects a ligament and can be brought about by extreme twisting or rolling of the area. Most sprains occur at the knees, ankles, or wrists.
  • Contusions– A contusion is a medical word used to describe a bruise. They usually result from some form of blunt force trauma applied to the area, as is experienced in a fall, an automobile accident, or by being kicked or punched.
  • Tendonitis – Tendons attach muscles to bones. Tendonitis is caused by a series of small stresses that repeatedly aggravate a tendon and cause it to swell. Persistent inflammation may cause damage to the tendon, which may necessitate corrective surgery.
  • Bursitis – Bursa are small sacs filled with fluid that are located between a bone and a tendon or muscle. Repeated small stresses and overuse can cause the bursa in the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, or ankle to swell. This swelling and the irritation to nerves around the bursa is called bursitis.
  • Stress Fractures – Tiny breaks in the bone caused by the stress of overuse are known as stress fractures. The bones of the lower leg and foot are particularly prone to stress fractures. A stress fracture is treated with rest and modification of activity and may require a cast to immobilize the bone or in some cases surgery.

NY Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is another common soft tissue injury. Whiplash is an injury to the spine, disks between the bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves and other tissues of the neck. It occurs when the head and neck are violently stretched back and forth due to a sudden impact or sudden and extreme motion.

Soft tissue injuries may result from:

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Legal Action After a Soft Tissue Injury

While soft tissue injuries may seem less serious than some other injuries, they can be quite painful and lead to long term damage if they are not properly treated. Treatment for soft tissue injuries may involve weeks or months of physical therapy, and in extreme cases, may require surgery and hospitalization. A victim may suffer from severely limited mobility, as well as constant pain that lasts for months or even years.

In some cases, a person never recovers fully from a soft tissue injury. For instance, office workers plagued with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist due to repetitive motion, may never be totally free of pain in their hands without surgery. Soft tissue injuries in the lower back caused by cumulative stress or the blow of an accident can result in chronic pain.

If you have suffered a soft tissue injury in an accident at work or as a cumulative injury caused by years on the job, you may be able to obtain workers’ compensation. If you have suffered a soft tissue injury in an accident, such as a slip-and-fall accident or a car accident, caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation from the at-fault party and their insurance company.

Hecht Kleeger & Damashek can help you by investigating your accident to document your injuries and determine whether someone else such as an at-fault driver or a negligent property owner should be held liable for the harm you have suffered. With the evidence collected, we will aggressively seek all benefits that you are due.

Workers’ compensation pays for medical bills and a portion of lost income while you are disabled. A personal injury lawsuit may seek compensation for:

  • Medical care, including hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitation therapy and related costs
  • Lost income, including loss of future earning power
  • Property damage, such as to your car in an accident
  • Pain and suffering.

In some cases, a personal injury lawsuit may be pursued in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

At HKD, we are proud to have helped many clients receive significant and life-changing personal injury settlements and court rulings.

Why Work with a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawsuit is likely to be time-consuming, but our law firm can manage every aspect of your case from start to finish. Once a claim is underway, we can deal with the insurance companies, medical providers, creditors, employers, and others, so that you can concentrate on regaining your health.

It is important to begin the work necessary to pursue a legal claim as soon as you can. New York’s statute of limitations requires personal injury victims to file claims within three years of the accident or from when the injuries became evident. There are also deadlines to be met with workers’ compensation claims. It is best to begin work in a timely manner to ensure that the statute of limitations does not jeopardize your claim.

Contact Our New York Soft Tissue Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been disabled by a soft tissue injury in New York that was work-related or someone else’s fault, contact Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek for a free discussion of your accident and the legal options available to you. We may be able to help you recover compensation for your medical bills and other expenses related to your accident, as well as for your pain and suffering.

Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. provides seasoned legal advice and representation to victims of accidents and injury in New York City and elsewhere in New York State. We work hard to ensure our clients secure the financial benefits necessary to fully recover financially after they have been unjustly harmed. Contact us today.

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