How HKD Can Help After a Car Crash

After being hurt or losing a loved one in a car accident, you have to make several decisions right away. There’s no doubt it’s a lot to handle, particularly if you’ve never experienced a serious accident before. We recommend working with an experienced car accident lawyer in Brooklyn right away to guide you through the steps you need to take.

Explain New York Personal Injury Law

Personal injury is the area of law that determines when you can receive compensation after getting hurt. When another person or business is acts carelessly, recklessly, or maliciously, the law entitles you to compensation for your physical and emotional injuries. Our legal team has decades of collective experience tackling personal injury cases, including contentious car crashes. We’ll explain which New York personal injury laws are relevant to your matter and how they impact your options and the potential outcome.

Gather Evidence of Fault and Liability

When you want to demand compensation for your injuries, the law requires you to prove someone else was at fault. You have to put forth evidence that another driver was negligent in causing the crash. But how do you get that evidence and present in the best possible light for your case? Our Brooklyn car accident attorneys are used to gathering information after an accident, including getting a copy of the police report, finding photos and videos, taking witness statements, and more.

Handle the Insurance Company

Most personal injury cases are resolved through an insurance claim. But getting to a fair settlement isn’t always an easy or simple process. You have to prove the at-fault driver was at fault for the wreck and that you were injured. We are here to navigate the insurance claim process for you, including proving fault and negotiating a satisfactory settlement. We’ll communicate with the insurer and prepare you to answer any questions or make a statement.

File a Lawsuit Before the Deadline

Though a majority of car accident cases settle before trial, that doesn’t mean you should avoid going to court. Filing a personal injury lawsuit shows the at-fault driver and their insurer that you mean business. It also lets you investigate the accident further through discovery. We advise you on when it’s best to file a car accident lawsuit, and we make sure we file before the three-year statute of limitations is up.

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Why You Should Hire HKD

When you’re injured in a car crash in Brooklyn, you have any number of New York personal injury law firms to call. But you shouldn’t work with just anyone. To get the best possible results in your claim, it helps to work with a lawyer with years of experience, a track record of results, and who treats their clients with respect and compassion.

Years of Experience

Our attorneys not only have years of experience, but they also have years of handling complex and high-value trials. They aren’t afraid to take your case to court and argue for your recovery before a judge and jury. They’ve done it before, and they’ll do it again. Let attorneys with decades of personal injury experience fight for you.

Strong Results

We’ve won over $500 million for our clients, including million and multi-million-dollar settlements. Your case might not be worth $1 million or more, but you can’t really know the value of your claim until you talk with a lawyer. Let our Brooklyn car accident attorneys review the crash and your injuries to provide you with an experienced and research-based estimate for the value of your claim.

What to Expect When We Handle Your Brooklyn Car Accident Claim

Before hiring a law firm, you might want to know what to expect from us:

  • We’ll talk with you about what happened and gather all the basic facts.
  • We’ll investigate the crash and gather evidence, which might include hiring an accident reconstruction expert.
  • We’ll open up the lines of communication with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, letting them know you’re pursuing a compensation claim.
  • We’ll send a demand letter stating the facts of the crash and demanding you receive a certain amount of compensation.
  • We’ll help you connect with any medical specialists you need to get the best possible care.
  • We’ll help you handle the medical bills and avoid being sent to collections when you can’t pay right away.
  • We’ll negotiate a settlement with the insurance company.
  • We’ll file a lawsuit when it’s necessary to obtain important information or negotiate a fair settlement.
  • We’ll resolve your claim through a pre-trial settlement or jury trial.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we handle car accident claims and what you can expect over the coming months.

What to Do After a Car Crash

Getting the most from your car accident claims starts with taking the right steps in the hours and days following the crash. We recommend you see a doctor, tell your auto insurance provider about the crash, write down what you remember, and call Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., to get started pursuing compensation.

Get Medical Help

We realize many car accidents result in you or a relative being transported to a hospital by ambulance. But even if you don’t go to the emergency room right away, we recommend you get looked at by a doctor that day or the next. Never hesitate to go to the ER at Mount Sinai, the Brooklyn Hospital Center, NYU Langone Health – Cobble Hill, New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Woodhull Medical Center, or another Brooklyn hospital.

Notify Your Insurer

Tell your auto insurance company about the crash right away. Insurance policies require notification if you want to seek any benefits from your policy. There usually isn’t a hard deadline on when you need to tell them. Instead, policies require notification as soon as it is practical.

Write Down Everything You Remember

Car accident cases can take months or over a year to resolve. Unfortunately, memories fade or change over time. We recommend you write down everything you can remember about the crash, including the time, date, weather and traffic conditions, and what happened. Be as specific as you can, but don’t guess. Write only what you remember happening.

Call a Lawyer

It’s never too soon to start working with a Brooklyn car accident attorney after a wreck. The sooner, the better. When you or a loved one have been seriously hurt in an accident, or you’re sure your vehicle is totaled, it will help to have a lawyer work on your case from the beginning.

Why Should You Hire Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek For Your Auto Accident?

Brooklyn Car Accident Facts

As of June, Brooklyn had experienced 2,478 motor vehicle collisions in 2020. In those car crashes, 514 motorists and 350 passengers were injured, and three people were killed. Also, 202 cyclists were hurt, and 165 pedestrians were hurt. Three pedestrians were killed.

The most common contributing factor to Brooklyn car accidents was distraction and driver inattention. Following too closely was the second most common cause, followed by failing to yield to the right of way. Improper passing and lane usage, passing too closely, speeding, backing up, and disregarding traffic control signs and signals were other common contributing factors.

Most car crashes involved a standard passenger vehicle, like a sedan. But sports utility vehicles (SUVs), station wagons, and pick up trucks were common. Many collisions involved large commercial vehicles, like semi-trucks, and bicycles.

Dangerous Brooklyn Roads

Crashes happen all over Brooklyn, but some roads that see many accidents include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Atlantic Avenue
  • Kings Highway
  • Ocean Parkway
  • Third Avenue
  • Hamilton Avenue
  • Ocean Avenue
  • Brighton Beach Avenue
  • Cropsey Avenue
  • Shore Parkway
  • Mermaid Avenue
  • Neptune Avenue
  • Surf Avenue
  • Avenue W
  • Emmons Avenue
  • Knapp Street
  • New Utrecht Avenue

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Car Accident Case?

Common Types of Car Accidents

At HKD, we tackle car accident claims involving all types of crashes include:

  • Rear-end accidents
  • Head-on accidents
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Backing up accidents
  • Blindspot accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Fatigued driving accidents
  • Speed-related accidents

Car Accident Injuries

We represent car accident victims with all types of moderate, serious, and catastrophic injuries, including:

How Much Is Your Claim Worth?

Getting the most compensation possible depends on understanding the severity and value of your physical and emotional injuries. Calculating how much your case is worth is complicated by pain and suffering. We can easily add up your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs. But pain and suffering are unique. How much you can demand based on pain and suffering depends on how badly you were hurt, how much physical pain you endured, the duration of your recovery and discomfort, and several other factors. Talking with a Brooklyn car accident lawyer is the best way to get a realistic estimate of how much you might receive in a settlement or court case.

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