Disobeying Traffic Signals in NY

If you were hit by a driver who had a blatant disregard for a traffic signal, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Drivers who ignore the seriousness of these signs and warnings put not only themselves at risk, but put the lives of other drivers and pedestrians at risk too.

The disregard of safety devices and the flow of traffic means that the driver is most likely acting in a reckless or aggressive manner. Any car accident that is caused by these negligent drivers can cause serious injuries and major damages to your vehicle that may result in costly repairs. You need to contact the NYC car accident attorneys at Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. as soon as possible.

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About New York Traffic Laws

If you were ticketed for disobeying a traffic control device, it is important to ensure that you fully understand the reason behind your citation. With a thorough understanding of the state law which led to your ticket citation you could be able to better fight it in court.

For this reason, we have provided more information about New York’s traffic ticket laws as they pertain to the violations of a traffic control device. As stated in § 153 of the VTL, traffic control devices include all of the following:

  • Signs
  • Signals
  • Markings

Essentially, any sign, signal, marking, or device that remains consistent with this chapter of the law, and has been placed/erected under the jurisdiction of the public body can serve as a traffic control device.

Included in these devices are also signs, signals, and markings that are erected for the specific purpose of controlling traffic regulations and warnings. Simply put, traffic control devices are those devices that guide the flow of traffic in the state of New York.

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Following an accident where the driver had serious disregard for the flow and safety of traffic, it is important that you receive compensation. Your livelihood may depend on it. These reckless drivers can cause a variety of car accidents, hitting you at high speeds and resulting in injuries that may take months or years to recover from.

If you have been injured, you need to reach out to Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., today. Our professional and reliable legal team will work hard to defend your rights and fight for your compensation. You have a limited amount of time to bring your case before a judge in the state of New York, so contact a New York City personal injury lawyer at our firm today to schedule a free consultation.

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