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The Bronx is the northernmost borough in New York City, and it deals with significant traffic congestion. The Cross Bronx Expressway has the worst congestion in the country. Due to the extreme traffic conditions in conjunction with careless, aggressive, and impaired driving, residents often suffer from car accidents and associated injuries and fatalities. If you were recently affected by a crash in the borough, we recommend calling a Bronx car accident lawyer as soon as you can.

At Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., our experienced Bronx personal injury attorneys are here to help you obtain all the compensation that you deserve through a car accident insurance claim or lawsuit.

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Types of Car Accidents We Handle in the Bronx

If you were injured in a car crash in the Bronx, the best thing you can do is contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney at Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. as soon as possible.

We have handled injury claims arising from all types of collisions, including :

Whether you suffered whiplash in a rear-end collision or lost a loved one in a fatal head-on crash, we can help. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us and schedule a free consultation.

Bronx Car Accident Statistics

In 2017, the Bronx had 13,884 car crashes. Of these, 38 were fatal, while 9,166 caused personal injuries. Among the police-reported crashes involving injuries, 479 were coded as serious, 759 were considered moderate, and 5,982 were designated as minor. The preliminary figures for 2018 indicate the Bronx experienced 22,506 crashes, with 8,865 causing personal injuries and 35 fatalities.

There also were 1,893 crashes involving pedestrians, 226 involving motorcycles, and 440 involving bicycles in 2017. Twenty pedestrian, seven motorcycle, and one bicycle accident were fatal. The 2018 preliminary figures indicate there were 1,824 pedestrian accidents, including 17 fatal crashes; 252 motorcycle accidents, including five fatal crashes; and 451 bicycle-vehicle accidents, including two fatal collisions.

What to do After a Car Wreck in the Bronx

After being injured in a car accident, there are several steps you should take to protect your claim to compensation:

  • Stop your vehicle and remain at the scene. Never drive away. If you leave before providing assistance, exchanging information, and cooperating with the police, you can be charged with a hit and run crime.
  • Call 911. If you or anyone else involved are suffering from serious injuries, call emergency help right away.
  • Move your vehicles to a safe location. Call the police to report the accident. Whenever possible, you want there to be a police report of the crash.
  • Ask for the other drivers’ details. Get the names, phone numbers, addresses, and insurance information of all involved parties.
  • Ask for passenger and other witnesses’ info. If anyone witnessed the crash, make sure to get their names, phone numbers, and addresses.
  • Take photos and videos. Photograph the damaged vehicles, surrounding property damage, markings on the pavement, and your injuries.
  • Obtain medical care. If you incur injuries in the accident, seek medical help as soon as possible and follow the doctor’s treatment instructions.
  • Report the crash. Reach out to your auto insurance company and let them know of your crash.
  • Call a Bronx car accident lawyer. As soon as possible after the accident, contact an attorney to learn more about your options.

Common Causes of Bronx Car Crashes

Car accidents can be the result of all types of negligence and recklessness. Our Bronx motor vehicle accident lawyers have found common contributing factors are:

It is important to uncover what happened in the moments leading up to the collision and the leading cause of the crash. This information is essential in establishing a case against the at-fault driver.

Common Car Accident Injuries in the Bronx

Our Bronx car accident attorneys are here to help when you are suffering from:

At Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., we have worked with car accident victims suffering from all types of injuries. From concussions to quadriplegia, we handle claims involving moderate-to-catastrophic injuries. Each case is unique, and we will work closely with you, your medical providers, and experts to calculate the financial, physical, and emotional repercussions of these injuries.

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Compensation in Bronx Car Accident Cases

When you are suffering from car crash injuries, your mind may not be focused on compensation. You have too much to deal with at home to concentrate on a car accident lawsuit or insurance claim. One of the reasons it is so crucial to contact an auto accident attorney is to have a legal advocate on your side who can and will pursue your compensation, including:

  • Medical Treatment Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Lost Wages and Benefits
  • Past and Future Medical Treatment
  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Reduced Earning Capacity

We’ll Deal With the Auto Insurance Companies

Following a crash, you may be offered an initial car accident settlement. While a majority of injury claims are resolved through insurance settlements, the insurance claim process is not always simple, easy, or fast. It can be frustrating and confusing to try and deal with the insurance company yourself.

To make matters worse, insurance companies often offer victims initial, low-ball settlement offers designed to make claims go away faster. Instead of putting up with this stress and to get what you truly deserve, we recommend hiring a Bronx car accident lawyer.

Working with a lawyer is more than convenient. When you try to handle the insurance claim process yourself, you are at a disadvantage. The insurer and its team of adjusters and lawyers will know more about the law, their policies, and their processes than you. They may use their knowledge and experience to push you toward a low, unfair settlement.

When you work with Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., you are no longer at a disadvantage. We are highly knowledgeable regarding New York personal injury and insurance law, and have successfully resolved countless insurance claims. We know how insurance companies think and act, which lets us combat manipulative tactics and fight for maximum compensation.

Who Caused the Car Accident? New York Negligence Law

If you were involved in a Bronx car accident, you might believe the other driver was at fault. That driver may claim you were to blame. When there is a question of who is at fault, you need to talk with an attorney. You and the other may both be partly responsible for the crash, and in these circumstances, New York’s comparative negligence rule applies.

Under the comparative fault rules, you can still receive compensation if you are somewhat to blame for the accident. However, your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

New York’s Statute of Limitations for Car Accidents

If you were injured in a car crash, you have a limited amount of time to file a personal injury lawsuit. This deadline is known as a statute of limitations. New York’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims is three years from the date you suffered the injury.

Essentially, you have three years from the date of the crash to file a lawsuit based on your injuries. However, for claims against municipalities and New York State, the statute of limitations is much shorter. There is also a requirement that before filing a lawsuit, a Notice of Claim must be filed within 90 days.

Bronx Car Accident Wrongful Death Claims

If your loved one passed away from car accident injuries, whether their death was immediate or took place days, weeks, or months after the crash, call Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. to speak with our lawyers about filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

Under New York’s wrongful death statutes, you and your family may have the right to pursue compensation for your grief and emotional distress, funeral and burial expenses, financial losses, and other damages if your relative’s death was the result of another driver’s negligence.

Wrongful death claims can be challenging, particularly as they take place alongside the administration of your loved one’s estate and other family matters. Our lawyers will guide you through the Surrogate and Probate Court systems, ensuring you are always aware of your rights and legal options. The statute of limitations is one year and 90 days, so it is imperative to immediately contact an attorney.

Contact a Bronx Car Accident Attorney Today

If you or a relative were in a car crash in the Bronx, you should work with a lawyer who is familiar with New York’s personal injury law as well as what happens in the borough. Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. has decades of experience and have represented Bronx residents for years.

We are here to listen to your story, advise you of your rights, and when appropriate, pursue personal injury or wrongful death compensation on your behalf. If you have a valid legal claim, we will build an aggressive strategy and fight for you to win the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Learn how we can help after a Bronx car crash. Contact us online, or call 212-490-5700 to set up a free, no-risk consultation. We are here 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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