May 26, 2020

Preventing Car Accidents by Defensive Driving Techniques

By Jonathan Damashek

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In a city of 18 million people with well-known traffic issues, unsurprisingly there’s hundreds of thousands of vehicle accidents in New York City on average each year. In 2018 there were more than 228,000 accidents, according to the NYC Police Department, which means on average there was an accident every second!

Clearly, if you drive in the city, the chances are high that you could be involved in a car crash. Not only do you risk physical injury, there’s property damage, lost wages, and insurance to deal with after an accident. Anything you can do to lessen the chances of being involved in a crash is a worthwhile goal.

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We don’t want business so bad that we like high motor vehicle accident statistics. We want you to do everything possible to stay safe. By employing defensive driving techniques, you may be able to prevent being in a wreck.

What’s Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is more than just following the rules of the road and perfect driver behaviors. It’s a whole mindset that considers road conditions, weather, and the behavior of other drivers. It can not only keep motorists safe, but it can reduce insurance rates and decrease points against your license. You can find courses on defensive driving on the New York Department of Motor Vehicle website.

Defensive Driving Techniques

Here are a few defensive driving techniques you can use to avoid accidents:

  1. Follow traffic rules and all posted traffic control devices.
  2. Look ahead for any possible dangers. Watch for hazards in the road, drivers who are speeding, reckless, or even going too slow for conditions.
  3. Always drive for the weather. Rain could hinder the ability to see, especially at night, and cause hydroplaning. Snow and ice may cause you to lose control.
  4. Don’t speed. Not only can you lose control easier and be the cause of a crash, but high speed hinders your response time to other drivers, road conditions, or weather.
  5. Avoid distractions. Distracted driving is one of biggest reasons for car wrecks. Do not talk or text on your cell phone. Do not allow passengers to distract you from concentrating on your driving.
  6. Slow down at all intersections and always be aware of any blind spots.
  7. Maintain a safe distance. Not tailgating is essential, especially in bad weather.
  8. Be alert. Never ever drive if you are overly tired, sleepy, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  9. If in doubt about road conditions, either due to weather, construction, or unfamiliarity, slow down and yield to others.
  10. Be visible by using head lights, turn signals, and making sure brake lights work.

By consistently practicing these defensive driving tips, you can lessen your chances of being in an accident.

When an Accident Happens

Sometimes no matter how careful you are as a driver; you may be involved in an accident through no fault of your own. If that happens, we can help. Our accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for people hurt in vehicle crashes. Being in an accident disrupts your whole life. From medical bills, to car repairs, and lost wages, there is a lot to handle. By working with our firm, we can take much of the stress from you.

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