March 25, 2021

Most Dangerous Intersections in Brooklyn for Car Accidents

By Jonathan Damashek

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New York City sees thousands of car accidents every year, many of which happen in Brooklyn. The large volume of motorized, bicycle, and foot traffic contributes to the most dangerous intersections in Brooklyn.

Were you or a loved one involved in a crash in Brooklyn? You could be entitled to compensation.

NYC Crash Statistics

According to New York Police Department crash data, Brooklyn had the most car crashes in the New York metro area in 2020. Many of those occurred at some of the most dangerous intersections in the borough.

According to the NYC Police Department, the top five boroughs for crash percentages included:

  • Brooklyn with 35,245 crashes, or 31.7% of all NYC accidents
  • Queens with 33,192 total accidents, or 29% of NYC crashes
  • The Bronx with 21,519 accidents, or 19.4% of NYC accidents
  • Manhattan with 17,179 accidents, or 15.5% of NYC collisions
  • Staten Island with 4,648 accidents, or 4.2% of NYC crashes

Overall crashes in NYC were down by more than 46% in 2020 due to less travel during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Despite that, there were still more than 300 wrecks every day in the city.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Brooklyn

There are hundreds of intersections in Brooklyn, some of which are more dangerous than others. Due to confusing signage, excessive traffic, and other factors, the following intersections are hazardous for drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

  1. South Third & Havemeyer Street
  2. Newkirk Avenue & Argyle Road
  3. South Fourth & Keap Street
  4. Sterling Place & Kingston Avenue
  5. Lawrence & Willoughby Street
  6. Smith & Wycoff Street
  7. Hooper & South Fifth Street
  8. Flatbush & Tillery
  9. Pennsylvania Avenue & Atlantic Avenue
  10. Pennsylvania Avenue & Linden Avenue

These rankings are based on monthly collision rates in 2020 and 2021.

Common Causes for Car Accidents in Brooklyn

Many factors contribute to the thousands of car accidents that occur in Brooklyn every year. Of those causes, driver error is by far the most common, such as:

One of the biggest problems that lead to crashes is drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists not knowing or disregarding the road rules. New York City roadway laws apply to everyone who uses the roads and sidewalks.

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