February 1, 2017

Common Causes of Elevator Accidents

By Jonathan Damashek

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Common Causes of Elevator AccidentsAccording to FiveThirtyEight, there are more than 76,000 elevators in the New York metropolitan area. And as they are considered one of the safest forms of transportation, we tend to take for granted that the ones we use every day work properly. Unfortunately, malfunctions happen often causing serious accidents that can result in terrible injuries. If you have been injured in an elevator accident, contact our New York injury attorneys to schedule a free initial consultation. 212-490-5700.

In the United States, more than 30 victims die every year and 17,000 injuries occur in elevator accidents. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if the proper precautions had been taken.

We want to share the most common causes of elevator accidents to help you avoid them. Read carefully:

Misleveling: This happens when an elevator fails to come to a stop at the floor level leaving a dangerous and unexpected space between the elevator car and the floor. This is hazardous, especially for the elderly and for children, and it may result in riders getting trapped or tripping and falling.

Excessive Speed: When the speed of an elevator is not properly adjusted, passengers may be injured by falling to the floor or crashing against the walls of a speeding cab.

Absence of proper maintenance and required services: If an elevator is not routinely checked and the necessary repairs are not done, it can malfunction. This may result in serious injuries to riders.

Falls into shafts: The deadliest accident of all, falls into elevator shafts can occur due to defective door interlocks, malfunctioning equipment, and other causes. What usually happens is that the elevator fails to arrive, even though its outer doors open, and a distracted victim falls into the hole. The severity of injuries depends on how high the person was when she or he fell into the shaft. It is important to pause until you see the interior of the elevator before stepping through the doors.

These are only some of the most common elevator accidents. Other accidents involve faulty sliding doors and other malfunctioning features. If you or a family member is involved in an elevator accident, contact us immediately for a free consultation. Our elevator accident lawyers are here to help.