March 30, 2014

New Rochelle Police Officer Admits to Misusing Badge and Cheating on Wife

By Jonathan Damashek

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A former police sergeant in New Rochelle admitted that he misused his badge to have sex with a seventeen-year-old girl when he was still on the force. According to news sources, this isn’t the first time the man has cheated on his wife – a local TV news anchor. “”He was a known Lothario,” one source said, “This isn’t like a one-time thing or a set-up or a bad decision. He wasn’t a nice guy.” Even still, the former police officer’s wife stood by him when he was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharged and order to stay away from the seventeen-year-old girl for five years.

Additionally, the TV co-anchor called a WABC-TV correspondent unprofessional and out of line. The correspondent told her, “I know this is an emotional time for you, but I think your anger is misplaced.” When contacted about the incident, the officer’s wife said, “[My husband] and I have a tremendous amount of love in our marriage, and we’d like to get on with our lives as a family.” The couple has three children and lives in Westchester County. The officer has worked at the New Rochelle Police Department for nine years.

After charges of first-degree rape were dropped, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charged and official misconduct in a plea bargain with case prosecutors. Allegedly, the officer raped a young mother several hours after arresting her 35-year-old boyfriend. Jonathan Damashek, a partner at Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., said, “[the officer] and his wife were saying nothing happened and trying to make my client out to be a liar. No longer can they make these misrepresentations.” According to the New Rochelle Police Commissioner, the officer resigned from his job at the department sometime after the incident.