No one wants to be injured on the city streets. However, if you have you’ll need to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer. New York drivers are aggressive as they maneuver through the city’s heavy traffic and may not be alert for passersby. Find out how you can keep safety a number one priority by checking out our Ultimate Guide to Walking Safely in NYC.


Why Do You Need A Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyer?

Why is there such a high incidence of accidents with serious injury or death? There are various factors that contribute to many passerby accidents, according to the NYC Department of Transportation:

What To Do After Getting Hit By A Car

Step 1:

Call 911 and report the accident. Ask for police and an ambulance to respond. When EMTs and police arrive, cooperate with them. If EMTs suggest you need hospital care, get in the ambulance and go to the emergency room. Answer the police officer’s questions honestly without accusing the driver of anything or putting any blame on yourself. Ask how to get a copy of the police report, and follow through as soon as possible.

Step 2:

Remain calm. Don’t make charges or get into an argument with the driver who hit you, his or her passenger. Do not discuss the accident with the driver further than saying you have phoned 911 or to asking them to call 911 if you are unable. DO NOT say “I’m OK” or anything that downplays your injuries.

Step 3:

Document the accident scene. If your condition permits, use your phone to take photos of the accident scene, including the car that hit you, the pavement behind the car (to show skid marks or indicate their absence), and the car’s license tag. Get a photo that indicates the location, such as depicting the crosswalk, a stop sign, or crossing sign.

Step 4:

Gather driver and witness information. Write down the name, address, driver’s license number and insurance information from the driver who hit you. Write down the name, phone number and address of every witness to your accident. If you have a companion(s) who witnessed the accident, write down their information, too. Don’t rely on memory later.

Step 5:

See a doctor promptly. Visit a doctor within 24 hours of the accident for a medical examination and any necessary treatment. Some injuries, including closed head injuries like concussions, are serious but not immediately apparent. A medical report will provide evidence of your injuries to support any legal claim.

Step 6:

File an insurance claim. Report the accident to your auto insurer, and follow instructions for making a claim if you are covered. You may hear from the driver’s auto insurance company. Decline any quick settlement offer and refuse to sign any document from any insurance company, even “your” insurer. You could inadvertently say something that will hurt your claim or you could sign away your rights to a proper settlement.

Step 7:

Contact a pedestrian accident lawyer experienced with these types of situations can handle all legal aspects of your case, including dealing with insurers and making sure you obtain a proper settlement. Once you have retained a lawyer, you can refer all calls from insurers, medical centers and others about the costs of your accident and injuries to your lawyer.

A serious accident can limit your ability to work and adversely affect your quality of life. Less serious injuries may require months of medical treatment, and rehabilitation. Your injuries may prevent you from working and earning income during this period.

Vehicle Pedestrian Accident Lawyer


The New York City Department of Transportation identified the 20 most dangerous intersections based on five years of data.

Top 20 Intersections for Pedestrian Crashes in NYC Borough Total Pedestrians Killed or Seriously Injured (2008-2012)
7th Ave & W 14th St Manhattan 7
10th Ave & 65th St Brooklyn 6
Nostrand Ave & Fulton St Brooklyn 6
Kingston Ave & Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn 6
Souther Blvd & Boston Rd Bronx 6
University Ave & W Fordham Rd Bronx 5
65th St & Bay Pkwy Brooklyn 5
Parkside Ave & Flatbush Ave Brooklyn 5
Nostrand Ave & Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn 5
Rochester Ave & Eastern Pkwy Brooklyn 5
W Houston St & Varick St Manhattan 5
1st Ave & E 14th St Manhattan 5
Manhattan Bridge Approach & Bowery Manhattan 5
Lenox Ave & 116th St Manhattan 5
Albion Ave & Queens Blvd Queens 5
Kissena Blvd & 71st Ave Queens 5
Hylan Blvd & Jefferson Ave Staten Island 5
Grand Concourse & E Fordham Bronx 4
Stuphin Blvd & South Rd Queens 4
Northern Blvd & Douglaston Pkwy Queens 4

Source :NYC Department of Transportation

Dangerous Intersections in Manhattan


Manhattan is the location of a disproportionate number of pedestrian accident deaths. Several intersections have been identified among the most hazardous for people and bicyclists.  According to the NYT, the five intersections ranked as the most dangerous for people and bicyclist injuries based on police reports are:

  1. Eastern Parkway and Utica Ave
  2. Amsterdam Avenue and 125th Street
  3. Eighth Avenue and 34th Street
  4. Fifth Avenue and 14th Street
  5. Allen Street and Delancey Street

Danger Zones

The areas that pose the highest risk for pedestrians have specific factors that increase the danger of a serious or fatal injury:


High-Speed Arteries
There are few multi-lane crosstown arteries in the city, but dangerous zones such as Eastern Parkway pose a serious risk, mostly attributed to speeding drivers. These high-speed arteries carry only 10 percent of the road miles in the city, but 50% of the deaths take place on these higher speed roads.


Cars Turning Through Crosswalks
Cars turning onto and off the various avenues and hitting people in crosswalks continues to be a serious problem. Drivers that fail to observe people crossing and rapidly turn create a dangerous or deadly situation.


Wide Boulevards Take Longer to Cross
The wider boulevards in the city, such as Queens Boulevard, take far longer for people to cross. There have been seven pedestrian deaths and 256 injuries on Queens Boulevard.


Double Parking on Commercial Streets
The limited parking on commercial streets, such as Roosevelt Ave. in Queens, poses a particular danger for persons on foot. Double parking creates a visual problem for drivers, and forces them to change lanes frequently.


Inexperienced Drivers Make Mistakes
As with any auto crash, inexperienced drivers are far more likely to hit a person. One out of every three collisions involves inexperienced drivers in the area of Third Ave. and 149th Street in the Bronx.

Pedestrian Accidents During Winter Months

Icy roads during winter months add to the danger. Commuters and taxis driving too fast for road conditions are more likely to slide through slick intersections and be unable to avoid hitting a person.  That is especially true when a driver travels at unsafe speeds for winter weather road conditions.

Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Accidents

There are many uneven and broken sidewalks and potholes throughout the city that pose a risk to a person on foot. A trip and fall accident can mean serious or permanent injuries or death, and there are troubling numbers of individuals, often the elderly, who suffer dangerous injuries or die when tripping on uneven walking surfaces. Winter weather conditions add a significant level of danger for walkers. In New York, the property owner or manager holds the responsibility to keep sidewalks cleared of snow and ice. If that party fails to maintain the sidewalks outside a store, residence or other location, they may be held accountable for the damages in a claim or lawsuit.

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