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catastrophic spinal injury

Catastrophic injuries are differentiated from less serious injuries in that they usually result in lasting damage to the victim, and can significantly alter the victim’s standard of life accordingly. After a catastrophic injury, a person can experience partial or full immobility, the complete loss of a bodily function or major body system, extended hospitalization and treatment, and even a reduced life expectancy. They may also require surgery (multiple times, if the injury is serious enough), and physical therapy sessions that can last for a matter of years.

Catastrophic injuries are the number one cause of death in America among all age groups. They occur in a wide variety of accidents, including car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, slip & falls, sports accidents, work-related accidents, fires / explosions, aviation accidents, and in instances of medical malpractice. It is to your benefit to seek out the help of a New York City personal injury lawyer from our firm if you have sustained catastrophic injuries in an accident, as there is a strong chance that you could be entitled to considerable financial damages by the individual or individuals responsible.

How to Take Legal Action

The potential for an injury is ever-present. Even if you are an extremely cautious person, there is still the possibility that another’s negligence or recklessness will result in an injury that you cannot avoid. Whether it’s tripping on a sidewalk, getting hit by a car, or being attacked by an animal, there are many instances in which you may have no control over what happens to you.

When you are injured due to another person or believe the other party needs to take responsibility, then you need to do something about it. There are many different kinds of injuries that can be sustained during an accident, most of which can result in extreme pain and suffering. Below is a list of some of the catastrophic injuries that are most often brought to the attention of our firm.

Birth Injuries

When a child is born, there are many things that can go wrong. While an attentive doctor will most likely be able to make a safe delivery, there are times that this is not the case for some individuals. Some doctors will get distracted or will stubbornly refuse to alter the course of action when a complication arises. This can cause harm to the child, the mother, or both. Contact an attorney today if you want to learn more about how to seek compensation in a birth injury case.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are a common injury, but they can be extremely painful. There are different degrees of broken bones, including hairline fractures, simple fractures, and compound fractures. A compound fracture is one of the most serious broken bone cases and this occurs when the bone snaps and then breaks through the skin. You can break your bones due to any sort of motor vehicle collision like a car accident, truck accident, bus accident or motorcycle accident. It is also possible to break your bones during a trip and fall incident.

Burn Injuries

People can obtain burn injuries from a defective product that is a burn hazard, or from playing with fire or a flammable product. Kitchen fires also facilitate burn injuries, or some victims are harmed by chemical burns rather than burns by fire. Sometimes individuals can also be burned by hot objects such as a scalding cup of coffee, or a hairstylist’s iron. Regardless of how you were burned, these injuries often bring on scarring and excessive pain. Sometimes, victims need to receive skin grafts or surgeries in order to recover from severe burn wounds.

Joint Injuries

When a person is harmed in a sport game, slip and fall accident, car accident, or elevator accident, joint injury could result. Pulling a joint out of socket can be extremely painful, and in some circumstances it will require surgery to put the joint back in place. Whether you were harmed in a motorcycle accident or a construction accident, joint injuries are common. You will probably need emergency medical attention and time for recovery, so you should certainly seek compensation if you are in this circumstance.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries can be some of the most discomforting but they are also the least detectable to outside parties. A common soft tissue injury is whiplash, which most often occurs in car accidents, bus accidents, or truck accidents when the collision causes an individual to throw out his or her neck and back. Often, soft tissue injuries can be remedied with massages, physical therapy, or medications. These all cost money, so you will need to hire an attorney to help you to seek the finances for these services from the party at fault.

Spinal Cord Injuries

When a person slips and falls and is injured in a serious car accident, or falls from a high building, that victim runs the risk of suffering a spinal cord injury. Many times, spinal cord injuries lead to paralysis or they can cause a person to be in recovery for months. If you were harmed by a spinal cord injury, you need to contact a lawyer for more information and seek compensation for your pain and suffering.

Legal Help for Victims of Serious Injuries

Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., has more than 75 years of aggregate experience in practicing personal injury law, and today, our goal remains the same as it always was: to provide high-quality legal representation to the victims of accidents caused by another’s carelessness or negligence. We do this with the goal of ensuring that each client is properly compensated for their injuries and related expenses, and so that they can recover from their accident without any worry of financial hardship. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to provide you with the legal assistance you need in your catastrophic injury case. Contact our office for a free consultation today.