June 20, 2019

$1,650,000 – Motor Vehicle Accident – Hit in the Rear – Cervical Spine Injury, Shoulder Injury

Category: Auto Accidents,

Plaintiff, a 28-year-old patient care assistant, was a front seat passenger in a motor vehicle that was struck in the rear by the defendants’ vehicle. As a result of the accident, plaintiff sustained injuries to her left shoulder, neck and back. Plaintiff underwent arthroscopic surgery to her left shoulder and eventually underwent cervical spine surgery.

Plaintiff moved for partial summary judgment on liability and the motion was granted. Defendants claimed that the plaintiff’s injuries to her shoulder and neck were pre-existing, degenerative in nature, and unrelated to her motor vehicle accident. Moreover, the defendant claimed plaintiff’s cervical spine injury was related to her subsequent motor vehicle accident. Judd Kleeger settled this matter at a mediation conference for $1,650,000.

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