February 8, 2021

What Is a Construction Safety Compliance Form?

By Jonathan Damashek

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The New York City Buildings Department (NYC Buildings) ensures safe construction sites throughout the city. To maintain safe environments, some processes and procedures must be followed by contractors and businesses conducting operations. The <ahref=”https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/buildings/pdf/csc_appt_form.pdf” title=”title=”Construction Safety Compliance Form” target=”_blank”>Construction Safety Compliance Form is a document that must be filed to prove safety has been considered on certain sites.

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How Does the Construction Safety Compliance Form Ensure Safety?

While all construction sites pose some danger to workers, certain locations are more likely to lead to injuries to those in the area. NYC Buildings tries to minimize the risk of harm on those sites by ensuring contractors comply with safety standards. The Construction Safety Compliance forms ask questions about safety measures and details about the project, allowing officers to review compliance before the site begins operation.

When Does a Construction Safety Compliance Form Need To Be Completed?

There are specific types of sites where Construction Safety Compliance Forms must be completed and submitted to NYC Buildings. These forms are required for:

  • Demolition sign-off
  • Pre-demolition inspection
  • Sidewalk shed removal
  • Site safety manager/coordinator program removal
  • Suspended scaffold pre-use inspection

Who Completes the form?

Construction Safety Compliance Forms must be completed by the contractor or business conducting operations at a New York City construction site. It must then be submitted by email to cscuappointments@buildings.nyc.gov.

What Information Is Necessary for the Construction Safety Compliance Form?

A separate form must be submitted for each job. That means that if a contractor is dealing with demolition and must also construct suspended scaffolding, they must submit two separate forms. The following information must be submitted on forms:

  • Requestor name, phone, and email
  • Location address, job number, bin number, community board number, block number, and lot number
  • Onsite plans
  • Statement of responsibility
  • Whether there have been previous objections issued
  • Whether any exterior work has been completed
  • If there is any temporary equipment present
  • Comments, if necessary

This form must provide enough information to NYC Buildings that officials are sure about compliance with safety standards.

What if a Form Is Not Completed Prior to Work?

If the contractor fails to complete a Construction Safety Compliance Form, they risk being liable for any damages caused by injuries on the job. While contractors are generally responsible for injuries on sites anyway, punitive damages may even be considered if they purposefully avoid complying with NYC Building safety requirements.

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