January 16, 2023

New York Construction Accident Statistics

By Jonathan Damashek

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New developments and construction projects are constant and continuous in New York City. But despite the safety measures construction workers take, the nature of their work exposes them to many hazards resulting in severe construction injuries and fatalities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, although construction workers only make up around 5% of New York City’s workforce, they account for over 25% of work-related injury fatalities. Accidents aren’t 100% preventable, but some parts of the city see more accidents than others.

NYC Construction Injury Statistics by Borough

New York City’s Department of Buildings keeps thorough, up-to-date records of construction accidents, injuries, and fatalities in each borough.

While overall fatalities have decreased thanks to improved safety standards and better protective equipment, hundreds of injuries still occur each year with various causes.


As of September 2022, there have been 178 construction accidents in Manhattan, about 50 fewer than were reported at the same time last year.

Some of these injuries resulted from workers being hit by objects, power tool accidents, and falls from ladders. These accidents caused a total of 189 injuries and zero fatalities.

The Bronx

The Bronx has seen 49 construction accidents this year (compared to 36 in 2021), causing 49 injuries and zero fatalities. Some of these injuries were caused by falls and caught-between incidents.


There have been 96 construction accidents in Brooklyn in 2022, up slightly from 80 the previous year. Some accidents were caused by falls from scaffolding, falls from ladders, and caught-between incidents. These accidents have resulted in 99 injuries and four fatalities.


Fifty-three construction accidents have happened in Queens this year, a slight increase from 2021. Some injuries were caused by object strikes and falls. These injuries have led to 53 injuries and two fatalities.

Staten Island

Staten Island has seen the lowest number of construction accidents, with only two reported in 2022, causing two injuries.

What Causes NYC Construction Injuries?

As mentioned above, NYC keeps careful records of the accidents that happen throughout the city and the details of each incident. Most of these accidents fall into one of four categories that OSHA recognizes as the top four causes of construction fatalities.


Construction projects involve working at great heights, sometimes in hazardous conditions. As a result, fall accidents are one of the most common risks of working in construction. Workers can fall from scaffolding, ladders, and other elevated workspaces. Debris and building materials scattered around work sites can cause slips, trips, and falls.

Struck by Object

With so many tools and vehicles in constant use on construction sites, workers being struck by objects is also unfortunately frequent. High-visibility clothing and hard hats help mitigate this risk, but falling objects constantly threaten workers on the ground and can cause serious injury or death.

Caught In/Between

This type of accident can take many forms, often involving workers being caught in or pinned by machinery. Workers also often dig in trenches, which can collapse without adequate protective systems and structural support.

Electrical Shock

Work sites can contain exposed electrical wires and equipment; in particular, underground utilities and overhead power lines pose significant risks.

HKD Helps NYC Construction Accident Victims

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