November 16, 2022

New Tech Trends Improving Construction Safety

By Jonathan Damashek

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Technology has revolutionized the way we work across industries. But for long-standing and hands-on sectors such as construction, new developments in tech can have major implications for improved working conditions and an overall safer trade.

Construction is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous professions, with fatalities in the industry accounting for nearly half of all fatal occupational injuries in 2020, according to OSHA. Fortunately, recent innovations in construction technology not only make workers safer, but also improve productivity and efficiency.

Augmented Reality Guides Better Planning

Technology can improve safety for construction workers before ground is even broken on a site. While conversation around the future of virtual reality, such as the Metaverse, dominates social media, recent strides in augmented reality (AR) have more immediate applications and possible benefits for construction workers.

AR software can be used to create models of what a site will look like at each stage of a project, providing a visual reference for workers to plan for the coordination of materials and steer clear of underground utility lines and other hazards.

A big plus of implementing AR as part of the planning process is that utilizing it doesn’t require a headset or other unwieldy gear. Since it overlays the real world, the software can easily be loaded on smartphones and tablets, allowing workers to move freely around the work zone and make live adjustments to plans.

Artificial Intelligence Improves Risk Management

Much like AR can direct more thorough pre-construction planning, artificial intelligence (AI) can help anticipate risks by recognizing patterns in past safety data. AI can account for the number and experience level of workers on a site, the equipment they’re using, and other factors to identify risk factors. AI software can even predict the likelihood of an incident or injury so preventative measures can be taken.

Many modern construction tools and equipment also have integrated AI software that monitors the operating status and provides notification when maintenance or replacement is needed. These capabilities make equipment simpler to use and provide more safeguards for workers, minimizing the chances of injury.

Wearable Tech to Keep Workers Safer

Perhaps one of the fastest-growing areas of safety technology in construction is wearables. You may think wearable tech only comes in the form of smartwatches, and it’s true they are commonly used since they can track body vitals and are often equipped with fall detection features. However, safety wearables aren’t limited to wristwear: new smart vests, glasses, helmets, and more are available to help keep workers safer on the job.

All this wearable tech can facilitate safer communication between workers and supervisors, provide real-time location and health data, monitor fatigue, and reduce injuries and fatalities.

Drone Monitoring On-Site Conditions

Drones have grown massively popular in commercial applications, with construction being one of the most significant. And for good reason. Having an eye in the sky helps make construction sites safer for everyone.

Remotely operated drones have numerous applications in the construction sector. From squeezing in tight places to navigating at great heights, drones can safely replace a human worker in various situations and accomplish many of the same tasks.

Since they can provide high-quality images and videos in a snap, drones are especially useful for conducting inspections. They can also be equipped with sensors and other useful tools to observe site activity and conditions.

Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek P.C. Know the Construction Industry

Technological advancements in the construction industry help bridge the gap between safety and functionality for workers, but they can’t completely eliminate the possibility of injury.

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