February 24, 2021

Helpful Information for Skilled Trades on the NYC Buildings Website

By Jonathan Damashek

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The NYC Buildings Department has a plethora of information for skilled trade workers throughout the city. It offers information to maintain safe job sites and promote effective work processes. When you’re working on a construction site in New York City, you should be familiar with the information available to you online.

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Skilled Trades Project Guidelines

The NYC Buildings Department publishes skilled trades project guidelines that highlight Construction Codes, Zoning, and other regulatory requirements for project planning, execution, and completion. This information is helpful for contractors and skilled tradespeople who are collaborating on construction projects.

The project guidelines provided online offer general operational, administrative, and technical requirements for construction projects. They do not detail every specific aspect requirement for aspects of design and execution of proposed work.

Project Phases & Requirements

You can also access information about Project Phases & Requirements to help you understand and manage project responsibilities. The NYC Buildings Department offers help for determining who is doing what on a project to avoid potential problems and the associated penalties, such as fines and revocation of permits.

Project requirements are provided for the following categories:

  • Building Systems Installation & Modifications – This includes boilers, electrical systems, emergency backup power systems, mechanical, plumbing, solar energy, sprinkler, and standpipes.
  • Alterations – More information coming soon.
  • Renovations – This includes an antenna, curb cut, public right-of-way encroachments, sidewalk cafes, signs, deck, porch, or outdoor swimming pools, façade, institutional and other buildings, manufacturing buildings, mercantile and office buildings, new greenhouse installation, residential buildings, and community facilities, shoring, excavation, flagpoles, storefronts, and more.
  • Demolition – More information coming soon.
  • Construction Equipment – More information coming soon
  • New Buildings – More information coming soon.

The NYC Buildings website has several categories, with more information coming soon.

Skilled Trades Checklists

The NYC Buildings Department offers checklists for project-specific details that apply to the scope of work for projects. They assist with complying with NYC Construction Codes and other regulations.

Checklists are often separated into three separate options: pre-permit, ongoing work, and project completion close-out. You can select the stage you’re at within the type of project you are working on.

Pre-permit checklists focus on things like construction drawings, insurance requirements, and special inspections. If your project has these needs, the checklist available online will make note with special instructions.

The ongoing project work checklists review construction drawings, scope modification, site safety, special instructions, department inspections, and self-certification. These checklists allow contractors to ensure their site is ready for work.

Project completion close-out checklists cover department inspections, self-certification, as-built submission, and a final sign-off. The goal with these checklists is to make sure you finish a project on time and with proper regulatory compliance.

Do Contractors Have To Use These Resources?

These resources are optional for contractors. They offer assistance to people and companies building within New York City. While contractors must follow the rules and regulations established by the NYC Buildings Department, they can utilize their method of ensuring those requirements are met.

However, if contractors use these guidelines and checklists, they will have a better chance of operating a safe worksite. Construction sites are notoriously dangerous, and injuries occur every day in New York City. Companies should do whatever possible to minimize those risks.

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