September 14, 2016

What to do if your car breaks down in the highway

By Jonathan Damashek

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car breaks down We often hear about terrible accidents that happen after a car breaks down in the middle of a highway. Drivers and passengers sometimes get out of their vehicles without looking behind them and are hit by a vehicle. Or drivers stop in a dangerous area of the highway and are crashed into by another vehicle. Because cars travel at very high speeds on these roads, most of these accidents result in terrible injuries and fatalities.

Unfortunately, the main cause for this type of incidents is that people are not well educated on what to do after a highway breakdown and do not take the necessary precautions when an incident happens. Below you’ll find 4 freeway breakdown tips listed by that will teach you what you need to do if your car breaks down in the middle of a highway.

  1. Pull over and out of traffic if possible. Put on your emergency blinkers to alert oncoming vehicles to the fact that your vehicle isn’t moving. If it’s nighttime, quickly place warning lights or reflective markers about six feet behind the vehicle, and then get back in the car.
  2. As a driver you shouldn’t attempt to fix the vehicle, even if it appears it’s going to be a quick or easy fix. Wait for professional help to arrive.
  3. Only exit the vehicle if it is necessary and safe to do so. If possible, raise the vehicle hood to alert passing authorities that the vehicle is disabled and help is needed.
  4. Patience is a virtue in breakdown situations. Particularly in heavily trafficked metropolitan areas, highways are regularly patrolled by police and tow truck operators — help will arrive soon.

It is crucial that you only exit the vehicle if it’s a residential or low-traffic area. In high-trafficked metropolitan areas, stay in the car until assistance can be rendered by a tow truck driver or law enforcement personnel. Exiting or standing around a stranded vehicle greatly increases the risk of injury or death. Staying safe is much more important than staying on schedule.

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