May 23, 2016

How to Avoid Accidents on the Stairs

By Jonathan Damashek

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Slip and fall accidents occur all the time. Most of these incidents occur without having serious consequences. But in some cases, they might cause injuries with lifelong impacts.

The reasons for slipping on the stairs can vary, but most of the time they can be easily prevented with the necessary precautions. Read about these tips to help improve safety around stairs.

Safety Tips for Stairs

Some of these tips may feel like common sense, but can help protect you, your loved ones, or your coworkers.

Never rush down the stairs

Sure footing is the best way to traverse the stairs. Children especially shouldn’t be left alone around stairs, as they can easily trip if they take them too quickly. Adults should also take their time, as a trip could easily result in serious injuries.

Keep the steps clear and in good condition

Make sure there are no toys or other items on the steps. Keep the surface even, without cracks. Stair carpeting is dangerous and can cause slips, so consider removing it. Clean up spilled liquids as soon as you can. you never know when someone will use the stairs next.

Always clean your stairs from the top down

By starting at the top, you can keep track of all of your cleaning supplies. You’ll keep your footing clear as you work your way down the stairs.

Make sure you keep the stairs well-illuminated

Having light switches at the top and bottom of the stairs is ideal. A shadowy stairwell has an increased likelihood of accidents, so keeping it well-lit improves safety. This is especially true at night and whenever you’re carrying anything that might limit your visibility.

Secure all railings

You should have railings for any stairwells, even for just a few steps. This is especially true for any open landings or risers. Proper guardrails can mitigate the chance of falls, and can allow people with limited mobility an easier traversal.

Don’t carry heavy items alone

As much as possible, try to avoid using the stairway as a means of access for transporting bulky items between floors. Carrying small items is fine as long as they do not block your vision. Trying to go up or down a stairway while carrying large items is physically demanding. Find someone to help you carry things.

What Happens If I’m Hurt on the Stairs?

New York property owners have a duty to remove or correct hazards. Unsafe stairs can cause these types of accidents that can be easily avoided. If you or a family member slips and falls on someone else’s’ premises, you should consider pursuing a personal injury claim to recover compensation for their negligence.

A premises liability claim can help you recover the economic and non-economic damages you experienced in a slip-and-fall accident on the stairs. That includes your medical bills, damaged property, or even lost wages. You can also pursue a payment for any pain and suffering the accident caused you. A skilled premises liability attorney can help you calculate your losses, and help you build a case to correct these damages.

Call a New York Premises Liability Lawyer

We hope these tips will help you make your property a safer place by preventing this slip and falls on the stairs. If you, a loved one, or any visitors hurt themselves on someone else’s premises, you need a lawyer to help you pursue damages.

The premises liability attorneys with Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., have helped countless clients recover the compensation they deserve after a slip-and-fall injury disrupts their lives. We know how dangerous stairs can be, especially if the property owner isn’t taking care of hazards. Don’t go it alone, let us help you pursue justice.

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