February 21, 2022

5 New York Construction Safety Regulation You Didn’t Know About

By Jonathan Damashek

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Even with all the safety regulations that have been enacted over the years to make workers safer, the construction industry in New York City remains dangerous. Despite this, workers should be updated about the safety rules governing this industry.

Here are some little-known New York construction safety regulations that you should know.

1. NYC Has Construction Safety Training Laws

Construction workers in New York City must have 40 to 55 hours of safety training to work within the city. This is well above the federal limits, which required far fewer hours of safety training for workers.

After years of increased construction accident fatalities within New York City, the city council enacted this law.

2. Safety Personnel Must Be Present

New York City Building Code 3301.3 states that a site safety manager or site safety coordinator must always be present at construction sites and demolitions of significant buildings. Further, a construction superintendent must be present for the construction or demolition of other buildings.

3. Inspections Are Required

Every structure, including temporary construction, operations, and equipment, must be inspected according to New York City Building Code 3301.4. There are also various requirements for different structures.

Inspections must be conducted by a “competent person” designated by the contractor. Additionally, a record of all inspections must be kept at the construction site at all times.

4. Secure All Unsafe Equipment

Any structure or equipment found to be unsafe or defective by the inspector, workers, or other individuals who are ensuring safety on the job site must be immediately secured. According to New York City Building Code 3301.5, the situation must immediately be corrected or removed from the site.

5. Daily Attendance Logs for the Worksite

According to New York City Local Law 196, contractors on a construction site must keep daily logs of everyone who accesses the worksite. That includes safety personnel, workers, and others who set foot on the job site.

Anyone granted access to the site must have the appropriate safety training, or the contractor faces hefty fines. Even failing to have daily log results in a serious civil penalty.

What If These Laws Are Violated?

Every employer, including New York City contractors, must provide employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause injury or death to the employees. In addition, all employees are required to comply with Occupational Safety and Health Standards, rules, and regulations.

If any of these New York City Building Codes or federal regulations are violated, then the contractor may face fines or delay in the construction project. The city government may halt work on a project if it is unsafe. They may also assess fines upon anyone involved in the unsafe operations.

In extreme situations, a contractor may lose their license to operate on a worksite for unsafe or dangerous worksite conditions.

Speak to a Lawyer If You’re Injured on a Jobsite

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