Tractor Accident Attorneys in New York

New York Attorneys help victims of tractor accidents on construction sites get the compensation the deserve.

Construction Accident Lawyer in NYC

Tractors are common on construction sites and play a vital role in completing certain tasks prior to building can begin. These heavy pieces of machinery help move earth and clear land in order for it to be level and stable. However, did you know that tractors are prone to tipping over and that they can cause serious injuries and even death?

One of the biggest hazards of construction site tractor usage is that tractors are incredibly prone to roll-overs. Rear rollovers occur when the tractor falls backwards and overturns itself. Side rollovers happen quickly (only about 75 seconds) and are usually a result of a tractor traveling on uneven ground or when they are pulling a heavy load.

If a tractor is poorly hitched, pulling something too heavy or moving on an incline or decline, a rollover may happen. As these rollovers happen so quickly, it is hard to stop them or react in a safe way to avoid getting hurt or causing injury to someone else. These accidents can be avoided by training and diligently watching the tractor. If, however, you have already been injured, we urge you to speak with a New York City construction accident injury attorney at our office as soon as possible.

Work with a Construction Accident Lawyer in NYC

Workers who have been involved in a tractor accident may be eligible to receive compensation for their injuries. Family members of someone who has been killed by a tractor accident may also be eligible to receive compensation for their losses. If you or someone you know has been hurt, you must contact Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., as soon as possible to receive compensation.

After an accident, many people have questions regarding their future and what the outcome of their cases. If you are questioning your eligibility or validity of your case, you must speak to an attorney as soon as possible. New York has a statute of limitations that outlines the amount of time you are allowed to have following an accident before bringing the case in front of judge. Contact our firm today!