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Our level of service is what has made the difference in your results. When we say that we do whatever it takes, we mean that we will investigate, compile the evidence, and fight for you until you get the maximum compensation possible. We also understand that this is a difficult time for you, but our firm wants to alleviate the headache by giving you confidence.

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Amazing job, settled my case in 90 days.

Jimmy Garson

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I highly recommend the law firm of Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek – as well as my attorney, Jordan Hecht. Jordan was able to answer all of my questions and put me at ease. He was always responsive and patient. He is one of the most professional lawyers I’ve ever encountered. Jordan was compassionate and caring and it showed how much he and the rest of his firm truly cares for his clients.

Emily Weinstein

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I have referred numerous cases to Judd Kleeger and the team at HKD. I feel very confident when i refer a client that they will be treated with the highest regard. Each of my referrals has had very positive experiences and outcomes with the firm. They are very good at what they do!! They are super responsive and care about their clients well being. It comes through during every call and meeting. Its rare to find a firm that cares, shows results and treats people with human dignity no matter what the situation. If you chose to work with HKD, rest assured you will be in good hands.

Jason Bauer

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I was always able to reach my attorney Judd Kleeger with any concern I had about my case. He responded timely and with the utmost courtesy to my sometimes desperate phone calls and email. He knew exactly what to do when I would ask for his help. His hard work and diligence allowed me to received a favorable settlement. He is the attorney you need on your case. Well done Judd Kleeger.


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The attorneys at Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek are smart, professional, responsive and dedicated to achieving the best results for their clients. Most importantly, they are trustworthy and genuinely good people who you can depend upon.

Richard Leff

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Judd Kleeger and his team are extremely competent, super professional and have achieved consistently better results than I or my clients had anticipated. He is my “go to” PI team. This was my experience over a decade and not just a lucky one off.

Larry Schatz

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I have known Judd Kleeger for over a decade now. By far the smartest hardest working attorney I have ever dealt with. His advice has been spot on time and time again. Highly recommend him.

Michael nessim

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I retained Judd Kleeger for a personal injury case. I would, without hesitation, recommend Judd, and his firm, for anyone who finds themselves in a situation that demands a tenacious advocate who will not stop fighting until he gets results.

Lisa Dawn Angerame

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I can’t recommend Judd Kleeger enough. He is without a doubt the most professional lawyer I’ve encountered. Judd Kleeger is diligent and quick in his responses, always making sure his clients are in the right hands. I’ve never had to follow up in order to receive a response, and Judd truly show how much he cares for his clients.

Emily Halperin

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