New York Injury Lawyer: Fractures

An act of negligence by another person can leave you struggling to recover from an injury involving a broken bone or multiple fractures. A bone fracture is a serious injury and even a minor break can require weeks or months to heal. Fractures commonly occur in falls, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, in construction-related accidents, as well as pedestrian and bicycle accidents. The greater the force of impact, the more likely a bone is to shatter. Recovery from a serious broken joint or bone can involve months of physical therapy. If another party failed to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others, that party can be held liable for the damages.

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Types of Broken Bones

There are several types of broken bones and each injury will require an individual treatment plan that may involve a case, traction, surgery, pins, screws, plate, or other surgical treatments, based upon the type of fracture.

Stable Fracture

This type of fracture is when the broken ends of the bones are lined up and mostly remain in place.

Open, Compound Fracture

A compound fracture may involve skin that has been pierced by the bone. The bone may be visible or the wound may penetrate to the bone. Open fractures are particularly dangerous due to the high risk of infection to the body tissue as well as the bone, which can be very difficult to treat.

Transverse Fracture

This is a break in the bone in which the fracture is horizontal.

Oblique Fracture

These are fractures in which the bone break is at an angle.

 Comminuted Fractures

This type of fracture involves a bone that has been shattered into three or more pieces.

Broken Bones that Require Surgery

Many broken bones will require surgery to correct. Metal pins or screws may be used to secure the bone above and below the fracture and then connected to a metal bar that is outside the skin or stabilizing frame. If the skin or other soft tissue surrounding the fracture has been severely damaged, there may be an external fixator applied until the victim has recovered enough to be able to tolerate surgical treatment.

Personal Injury Claims for Broken Bones in New York

A personal injury claim or lawsuit can be filed when the injuries are the result of the negligent act of another. These incidents can include the following:

Slip and Fall
A slip and fall is often the result of a wet or slippery walking surface, whether on public, private, commercial property, or at work. The at fault party or parties can be held accountable if it is established that there was a failure to maintain an area that was known to be dangerous, including icy or snowy entryways, stairs, hallways, or other areas in which people walk.

Trip and Fall
Uneven sidewalks, stairways, items in walking areas that pose a risk, potholes, and many other situations can lead to a trip and fall with broken bones. The party who will face a claim may be an employer, store owner, private party, or other.

Auto Accident
Broken bones are common in car accidents. If your injuries are serious and another driver was negligent, as the injured victim you can pursue compensation for all economic and non-economic damages if your losses exceed the New York no fault insurance limits. The value of the compensation will depend on the type of fracture and the protected recovery time, as well as the long-term consequences.

Motorcycle Accident
A motorcycle accident is a violent event and often leads to broken bones, including shoulder, knee, elbow, femur, arm, hand, or wrist. A fracture or fractures may be just one of several injuries sustained by the rider and the treatment could be delayed while the other injuries are treated, often in an effort to save the life of the rider. There may be many broken bones, shattered bones, and other situations in these cases, requiring multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy due to the severity of the injuries.

Bicycle Accident
A bicyclist thrown onto the roadway is very likely to suffer broken bones, as well as head or brain injuries. The type of fracture and location of the injury will determine the value of a settlement or verdict, should the case go to civil court for resolution.

Construction Accident
Workers on construction sites are at risk of broken bones from falls and are in the highest risk occupation. Falls or impacts with equipment, tools, or machinery often lead to broken bones or worse.

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