April 1, 2016

What to Do After You’ve Been Burned

By Jonathan Damashek

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What to Do After You’ve Been BurnedBurns are some of the most painful and traumatic situations that a person can find themselves in. Victims and family members of victims are often left confused and afraid about what their next course of action should be following the incident. We at Hecht Kleeger & Damashek fight for the rights of burn victims and their families, so we’ve come up with this list of what to do after you’ve been burned. Hopefully this situation will never happen to you but if it does he hope you’ll be prepared.

The first step is determining the degree of your burn. First degree burns are the most common and can be caused by touching a hot object. These burns appear red and slightly swollen. These should burns should be run under cold water and applied with a cool compress.

Second degree burns will appear blotchy and blisters will form. Be sure not to pop the blisters, however if a blister is drained cover the wound with antibacterial ointment and dressed. If the burn is more than three inches, you should speak to your doctor.

The most serious burns are third degree burns. These burns can sometimes cause muscle and bone damage. This type of burn looks leathery and will have either a white or black appearance. Third degree burns are classified as a “major burn” and need medical treatment from a medical professional as soon as possible. Do not attempt to treat this burn yourself.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been burned due to someone else’s negligence, please contact us today for your free case review. Our burn injury lawyers are here to help.