January 30, 2021

Top 10 Dangerous Toys of the Year

By Jonathan Damashek

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When you have children, you do everything possible to keep them safe. That includes buying them toys you think they can play with and not get hurt. Although child injuries happen, some toys are just inherently dangerous and can cause serious harm.

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Some of the most dangerous toys of the past year include:

1. Calico Critters Nursery Friends

These small toys were determined to be a choking hazard. They were labeled for ages 3 and up; however, they are also popular with “oral-age children” who could potentially choke on them and their small parts.

2. Toysmith Missile Launcher

The Toysmith missile launcher has a potential for eye and facial injuries. The product is targeted at children ages 5 and up. However, the slingshot-like launcher can make it soar up to 75 feet, with the danger of hitting a child in the face upon initial launch.

3. Marvel Avengers Vibranium Power Claw

This Black Panther-themed claw has the potential for eye and facial injuries. It is sold for children age 5 and up, and the manufacturer includes a caution prohibiting hitting or swinging at people or animals.

4. Plush Gloria Owl

This plush toy is sold for infants as young as 12 months old. However, the manufacturer has released acknowledgment that it is prone to shedding. The hair poses an ingestion and aspiration risk for infants and oral-stage toddlers.

5. WWE Jumbo Superstar Fists

These soft toys are meant to punch, but they have been identified as having an above-average potential for blunt force and impact injuries, so they are not safe enough for use by young children. They are advertised for children ages 3 and up who wish to emulate pro-wrestling stars. However, there are no appropriate warnings on the packaging.

6. Step 2 Little Helper’s Grocery Shopping Carts

These shopping carts were recalled due to a laceration risk for young children. More than 17,000 of these products are set to be replaced by the manufacturer.

7. Super Soaker Water Blasters

More than 77,000 water blasters were recalled due to the levels of lead in their components. They pose a hazard to children handling the toys, especially if they put them in their mouths.

8. Aflac Doctor Duck

This promotional Aflac duck was recalled due to levels of lead in its components. The buttons on the doctor coat had higher than allowable amounts of lead. This applied to more than 635,000 toys.

9. My Sweet Love Lots of Love Babies Minis

This small doll poses a potential choking hazard for the toddlers it is advertised toward. The feeding set has accessories that are too small and can easily get stuck in a child’s airway.

10. Star Wars Mandalorian Darksaber

This sword-type toy has a potential for blunt force and eye injuries. Children are encouraged to swing it during “battle.” However, the rigid plastic can easily harm the face and other body parts.

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