July 6, 2017

The Risks of Driving in the Summer

By Jonathan Damashek

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Most people would say that driving in the summer is a lot easier than in the winter. But the truth is that this season also brings with it several risks and dangers that need to be taken into account before starting a journey. In fact, the month of August tends to be one of the months with the highest number of deaths in the roads; June, July, and September are not far behind.

But what makes driving in the summer so dangerous? Here are a few reasons why you should drive with a lot of caution during this time of the year if you want to avoid accidents and injuries.

More traffic on roads and highways

Most people choose summer to go on vacation. Enjoying the heat, the beaches, and the sea: These are some of the reasons that many workers decide to take a break during this time. Unfortunately, this causes a lot of congestion on the roads, causing accidents and fights that are often led by aggressive and impatient drivers.

More motorcycles and bikes

Summer temperatures are ideal for cycling. That’s why many decide to use bikes and motorcycles to avoid traffic and enjoy the scenery. Drivers of cars and larger vehicles should be very careful to avoid accidents.

Teenagers at the wheel

Thanks to the school break, teenagers have more time to drive. Unfortunately, their inexperience means more risks to others who are on the roads.

Roads under construction

Many states take advantage of the good temperatures to fix roads and highway flaws, a job that would be impossible to do during the winter. This causes more traffic, as vehicles are forced to slow down.

These are just some of the reasons why driving in the summer can be dangerous. If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident, contact us immediately for a free consultation. We will analyze your accident and let you know if you have a case.