March 30, 2014

Alleged Assault Victim Speaks Out Against Police Officer

By Jonathan Damashek

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“I don’t feel safe. I’m scared,” a Westchester County teenager told CBS 2HD, “…I don’t’ know what’s going to happen.” After eight months, a seventeen year old girl is telling her side of an alleged sexual assault case. The young woman mostly speaks Spanish, but understands English. On night, she watched as police arrested the 35-year-old father of her baby for making threats against her. Later, the girl claimed that one of the police officers who supervised the arrest returned to her home.

“He told me that people like with domestic violence situations have a lot of help in this country,” but the man’s demeanor quickly turned “flirty,” she said. “He asked, ‘Don’t you think I’m sexy?” She continued, “… His face didn’t show me someone like he wanted to help me.” According to the young woman, the man held his holstered gun to her head several times and intimidated her. Eventually, she pushed him away and said “no.”

“Yes, I did – many times. My baby was there, too.” she said, claiming that the officer sexual assaulted her while her baby was asleep in a crib several feet away. “He told me, ‘Just take it as a nightmare and tomorrow when you wake up this will all be in the past,” she said. The young mother reported the attack thirty six hours later, and the officer was arrested after a three-week investigation. The officer’s wife, who is a local TV news anchor, claims that her husband is innocent.

“I believe him. I love him and he’s innocent, 100 percent.” The seventeen-year-old is sympathetic towards the officer’s wife. “I felt sorry for her,” she said, “Overall, it’s not her fault. It was actually her husband that pushed himself on me, so, you, she believes her husband, but it’s not my fault and I feel sorry for her.” Felony charges against the man were eventually dropped and he pleaded guilty to official misconduct.