January 10, 2017

Winter Driving Safety Tips

By Jonathan Damashek

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Winter brings unique hazards for motor vehicle drivers that can be frightening and potentially harmful. And drivers need to be extremely cautious and watch-out for dangers that can cause severe accidents, such as rain, snow, ice, cold, poor visibility and many others. For this reason, we’re sharing several winter driving safety tips that will help you avoid accidents. Read carefully:

  • Before hitting the road, remove ice or snow from the windshield, mirrors, and windows. It is important to increase your visibility as much as you can. Make sure that the vehicle’s windshield wiper blades can remove the heavy rain and snow properly. Lights and reflectors are also essential for winter driving, make sure they are working properly.
  • Stay alert and in control. Never rush if driving on an icy or snowy road. Braking or making sudden steering corrections on these surfaces may result in a terrible accident. Also, slow down when driving on bridges or overpasses, or through shaded spots.
  • All season tires might not provide best performance capabilities when freezing temperatures hit the roads. Look for tires with mountain or snowflake symbols that indicate that they meet the newest snow safety standards.
  • Plan ahead. Know your route and leave extra time to get to your destination.
  • If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, don’t panic. Stay inside the vehicle for safety and warmth. If possible, call for help, if not wait, help will arrive soon. For more tips on what to do in this situation, check our previous blog post.
  • Your safety and the safety of your loved ones comes first. If possible, avoid driving in treacherous weather conditions altogether.

Maintenance habits are even more imperative in winter. Be prepared for the unexpected and always have an emergency kit ready in case you experience an accident.

If you suffer an accident due to the negligent behavior of another driver, you should not pay for the resulting damages. Contact our firm as soon as possible so we can analyze your case and help you get the maximum compensation you deserve.