June 6, 2016

Beach Safety

By Jonathan Damashek

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beach safety Summer is around the corner, and during this season, New Yorkers love to go to the beach. Our state has over 14 miles of amazing and easily reachable beaches that everyone can enjoy for free. Whether it is with family or friends, the beach is a great option to get away from the high temperatures of the city, cool down and spend a day out surrounded by nature and our loved ones.

While a trip to the ocean can be exciting and memorable, it can also be very dangerous. The sun and the sea can be hazardous and there are precautions that everyone should take to avoid incidents that may ruin an unforgettable day at the coast. For that reason, today we want to share with you a few safety tips and steps that you can take to make sure you and your family remain safe while on the beach.

Sun Exposure

Do not wait to get to the ocean to apply sunscreen on your skin, do it before going, especially on babies and children who have a very sensitive skin. Avoid lengthy sun exposure from 11am-4pm when the sun is at its strongest. If possible, wear protective gear such as sunglasses, hats, and sun protective shirts.

Look out for Coast Guards

It is very important that you locate a coast guard before settling down on the beach. Stay nearby; having immediate help in case of a problem or emergency can be the difference between life and death. Obey all instructions and orders coming from them.

Swimming in the Ocean

Swimming in the ocean is not as easy as swimming in a pool. Be aware of big waves and current dangers in the area. Stay away from rocks, piers and other structures. Never swim alone and always swim parallel to the shore to avoid rip tides. Sharks are a rare thing in New York but we have had episodes in the past, so stay aware.

Always supervise children’s activity

Do not take your eyes away from your children. Protect them from the sun and make them wear swimsuits brightly colored to make it easier to find them. Find a reference point that children can easily remember if they become disoriented.

Stay hydrated

Drinks and food are a must in a day at the beach. Liquids are going to help prevent sunstrokes and will help regulate your body temperature. It is always better to drink water as juices and soft drinks do not quench the thirst because of their sugar content. Do not drink alcohol if you plan to enter the sea.

If you or a loved one has been injured on a beach because of the actions of someone else, do not hesitate to contact us. Our personal injury lawyers are here to fight for you and your family.