Car Accident

$3,750,000 – Motor Vehicle Car Accident – Calcaneus Fracture, Nerve Damage and Radius Fracture

The plaintiff, Ms. Gordon, a 47-year-old ultrasound technician, was operating a motor vehicle that was struck by an MTA Bus. The bus made a sudden left turn in front of plaintiff’s vehicle causing the collision. The crash left the plaintiff with a calcaneus fracture to her right foot and a displaced left distal radius fracture. Ms. Gordon underwent surgery to her right foot seven days after the accident, and she underwent surgery to her left wrist 10 months following the accident. Ms. Gordon underwent hardware removal surgery to her right foot, as well as a subtalar fusion to her right foot one year following the accident. As a result, she developed nerve damage involving her right foot and ankle, and sustained posttraumatic arthritis to her right foot and ankle. The plaintiff claimed the defendant was 100 percent responsible for causing the accident. She claimed permanent damage to her right foot and left wrist, loss of income and future medical care. The defendant claimed the plaintiff was responsible for causing the accident and that she made a great recovery from her injuries. The defendant also claimed that plaintiff was capable of returning to work on a full-time basis. Judd F. Kleeger, Partner, settled this case prior to jury selection for $3,750,000.