New York Slip & Fall Lawyers

A fall on wet floor not using a wet floor sign could be a case for premises liability.

A major part of owning and operating a premise is maintaining it and ensuring that the environment is safe for people to navigate. By keeping the facility clean and free of dangerous elements, the owner can protect visitors as they enter the site, safeguard employees working there, and keep the custodial staff and the general public from harm. However, when an owner doesn’t properly maintain the site, he or she puts everyone there at risk of slipping, falling or other potential accidents. Slips and falls may not seem like a serious incident at first, but one of these incidents can lead to catastrophic harm. When it does, a New York City personal injury attorney from our office should be contacted immediately.

Types of Injuries from Slip & Falls

When a person slips and falls onto the hard pavement, it can create a lot of significant medical emergencies. These include:

As well, there are many different areas where slip and fall accidents can occur. If you slip and fall at your own home on an item that you left on the floor or in a walking path, then chances are that you won’t be able to sue anyone because you cannot attribute fault to a specific party. Yet if you slip and fall somewhere else, where an owner is liable to ensure your safety, then you may have the right to seek damages from the party responsible. For example, if you trip on the sidewalk outside of a business, on a stair not marked within a building, or if you slip in a puddle that should have been cleaned up and was not designated with a warning cone, you may have the right to seek damages.

Slip & Fall Accidents Because of Snow and Ice

Even if you slip and fall because of a snow or ice condition, then you may be able to sue because owners have the duty to maintain their property and hire snow plows to remove the slippery ice from outside their stores or shops. Whenever you are dealing with a slip and fall accident, the court will want to know whether or not the property owner’s conduct was reasonable considering the circumstances. You may be held partially liable for your accident if you stepped on a slippery location or did not notice that there was a warning posted.

In every state, there is a ‘natural accumulation’ rule which governs how much liability a property owner can have when a person falls on snow or ice. Property owners are naturally required to take some sort of preventative measure against slip and fall accidents, but the courts also understand that they cannot always remove all of the snow and ice immediately. In New York, snow levels in certain jurisdictions vary so you should check with an attorney at our firm if you want to know what the “natural accumulation” rule is in your area. Only if the property owner has violated this natural accumulation rule can he or she be held liable for a slip and fall accident related to snow or ice conditions.

Making a Premises Liability Claim

If you have been injured by slipping or falling at a facility, don’t think that it was just an isolated incident that is your fault. Immediately contact us in order to discuss what occurred and how to proceed with legal action against the owner for their negligence. We fully support our clients in their efforts to obtain justice for their pain and suffering and will work tirelessly to secure financial compensation. If you take action now, you may be able to recover damages for medical bills.

As well, you may be able to obtain lost wage damages if you had to skip days of work and take unpaid vacation as a result of your injuries. If you had doctor’s appointments that cut into your work hours, this can also affect your situation significantly. As well, if your injury caused you pain and suffering you may be able to obtain damages for this issue. You can explain the physical and emotional hardships that the situation cost you and ask to be paid for this. If your slip and fall injury has affected your ability to handle regular activities, then you should also include this concern in your lawsuit and seek compensation in this regard.

Slips and fall can occur because liquid on the ground wasn’t marked, a construction hole was left uncovered and without proper warning signs, a slick floor wasn’t identified as being dangerous and other such scenarios. Having the owners simply say that they weren’t aware of the problem isn’t a proper defense and they can have charges filed against them for failing to provide a safe environment. We represent clients in cases involving snow & ice, wet floors, slippery surfaces, and trip & fall.

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It is essential that you start documenting your case right away if you want to seek compensation in the future. Write everything down about the accident as soon as possible and make sure to contact any witnesses and make sure that they are willing to testify in your case. Slips and falls can cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills and can even require you to take a leave of absence from work, thus further adding to the financial damage you are left to deal with. By pursuing legal action, you take a stand against those who left you at risk and fight for the financial compensation you rightly deserve.