Safety Tips: How to Prevent an Accident in New York

Always Wear Your Seatbelt

We mean always. They exist for a reason and neglecting to wear one can mean the difference between walking away from a car accident and dying in one. Children should be in age, height, and weight appropriate child seating/restraints.

Never Text While Driving

No matter how long the trip or how important the message, getting distracted by whatever is on your phone is not worth your life. If it is important enough, you can certainly find a place to pull over and read or write back then.

Drive a Safe Car

Putting yourself in a vehicle that is incapable of fully protecting you puts your life in grave danger. Seatbelts should be in place and in working condition. Seats need head support to cushion/stabilize your head in the event of an accident.

Always Wear a Helmet

Whether you are on a skateboard a bicycle or a motorcycle, whether you are just in a parking lot or on the street, a helmet can save your life. Even if you are not traveling at a high speed, you can seriously injure your head causing severe scarring and/or brain damage that can be permanent or fatal.

Obey All Safety Laws and Signs

It is important to pay attention to and heed the warnings of all signs. Sometimes, as is the case of speed limit signs during poor weather, you will need to interpret the information on the sign and adjust for present conditions (reduce your speed).

Never Drink and Drive

This may seem obvious, but enough drunk-driving related accidents happen that it needs to be said. Being under the influence of alcohol inhibits your ability to properly operate a car, truck, motorcycle, and everything else that moves. Almost make sure you have a designated driver if you do plan on drinking.

Be Aware of Your Blind Spots

You need to be checking your blind spots throughout your time on the road to ensure you are not endangering anyone else’s safety and no one else is endangering yours.

Install fire Detectors Throughout Your Residence

While your kitchen is the most likely place to need the protection of a fire detector, the rest of your home is not safe from electrical fires and other non-cooking-related fires. You should check fire detectors regularly (approximately once a month) and replace the batteries every year.

Exercise Proper Stairway Precautions

Hold onto handrails. Keep stairways clear of all objects. If you have a small child or children, install safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. Avoid carrying vision-blocking loads up or down stairs. If the steps are outside, keep them free of ice, snow, water, and debris that may impact the ability to use them safely.

Run Against Traffic

Runners struggle enough to be seen. Make sure you are running on the “wrong”/left side of the road so oncoming vehicles can see you and you can see them. Follow normal pedestrian rules. Use the crosswalk and do not cross just for the sake of keeping your pace the same. Check out more pedestrian accident safety tips in our NYC pedestrian safety guide.

Contact a New York City personal injury lawyer if you have need legal help to pursue compensation for the injuries you have suffered in an accident.