I’m not a construction worker, but I was hit by flying debris from the site. Do I have a case?

Whether or not you have a case will depend on a number of different factors related to your circumstance, all of which should be discussed with a construction accident attorney from our firm. Together, we can review the details concerning the way in which you were injured in order to determine the best way to move forward with the case from a legal perspective. In many cases, the injured party can recover damages from the construction company in this type of incident.

The construction company has a duty to take all reasonable steps necessary to keep public sidewalks and other nearby areas of the construction site free from the risk of flying debris. Failure to take these precautions could mean a liability lawsuit for the company in the event that injury occurs. The same is true of cases in which an injury is sustained as a result of the construction company’s failure to place adequate warnings sings about the construction in and around the area.

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