Consult a burn injury lawyer right away before losing crucial evidence

According to the American Burn Association, approximately 450,000 people require medical attention after suffering a burn injury in the United States every year. Burn injuries have the possibility of being one of the most devastating experience that a person can go through. The emotional and physical damage can cause a large upheaval in the injured party’s life. Medical care is a long and very expensive process, which can take multiple surgeries and rehabilitation programs.

If you were burned in an accident than wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to damages for you suffering. A New York burn injury lawyer from Hecht Kleeger & Damashek can investigate your case and determine the best course of action to take. This includes identifying the liable party. It may be, for example, the manufacturer of a defective product that caused the burn or the landlord of premises which were not properly maintained, resulting in an electrical fire or other hazardous situation. We believe that reckless and careless individuals should be held responsible for their negligent actions.

There are four degrees of burns: first through fourth. Some of the most commons situations where burn injuries can be acquired are sunlight radiation, chemicals, head exposure, building fires, and scalding hot water. The National Institute of General Medical Sciences states that burns can result in blistering, scarring, shock, and death – depending on the severity of the burn.

Burn injuries can easily develop infections and because of this it is wise to use antibiotics when treating. In most cases, third degree burns may be repaired by synthetic skin grafts, which covers the exposed tissue and helps the body regrow new skin. These surgeries are expensive and recovery is a long process with many trips to the physical therapist, so if you are worried about paying your medical bills or other expenses, a burn injury lawyer from the firm may be able to help you collect damages to cover your medical bills, medical expenses, missed wages, and other financial losses.

If you or a loved one has been burned due to the negligence of someone else, a burn injury lawyer should be consulted right away before crucial evidence is lost and witness testimony becomes unclear. A burn injury lawyer from Hecht Kleeger & Damashek can help you navigate this trying time. We are aggressive in pursuing compensation for our injured clients, especially when the client was injured by someone else’s negligence.