March 30, 2014

Wal-Mart Employee Killed by Stampede of Black Friday Shoppers

By Jonathan Damashek

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According to one Black Friday shopper, a shopping stampede that led to one man’s death started just after police left the Wal-Mart store. “Once they left, it started getting rowdy…The crowd got restless.” Eventually, the restless crowd stampeded the store and trampled one of the Wal-Mart employees to death. The man was hired by an employment agency for a temporary position at the store. According to police, the man hesitated before opening the doors to the store. When he finally did, the crowd broke down the hinges of the door and eventually crushed him to death.

Shopping lines are “not something we would normally police,” law informant claimed. The crowd that eventually killed the employee had been building since the evening before, but police aren’t usually responsible for Black Friday crowd control. “You have to remember that this is private property,” a Nassau county Police Detective said, “The onus is on the store to provide security.” Even though incident turned deadly, Wal-Mart, Inc. claims that it had additional security personnel at the store and created barricades. “Despite all of our precautions, this unfortunate even occurred,” said the president of Wal-Mart’s Northeast division.

The man’s family is currently considering a negligence lawsuit, said Jordan Hecht – an attorney hired by the man’s family. “It was certainly avoidable. How do you have 2,000 people trying to get in a store without have property restraint? Other stores do this, and things like this don’t happen,” he said. The deceased man’s father said, “Somebody should be outside checking how many people are there. This Friday happens every year…they should have more security outside to calm the crowd.” The man seemed appalled by the crowds behavior “Why, why – looking for bargains? Money doesn’t help you. We are human beings.”