October 20, 2011

The Dangers of Driver Distractions in NYC

By Jonathan Damashek

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A recent study released by the NYPD revealed that drivers who speed are no longer the ones we should be concerned about.

Instead, drivers who are distracted are more of an immediate concern.

The study was done in correspondence to a new city law that requires the information from every major crash to be posted. In August alone, the study showed that 541 car accidents were reported every day, totaling nearly 16,800 for the month.

11% of all accidents reported that driver inattention and distraction was the main cause of the accident, which equaled out to 1,877 accidents. Speed related accidents accounted for 197 car accidents the entire month.

The data, however, may be skewed due to the fact that it is collected to reflect citywide accidents, and traffic does not usually reach high or unsafe speeds in many areas. What the data may imply, though, is that these drivers may feel that because they are stuck in gridlock, they have the free time to talk on their cell phone, apply their makeup, eat, or do anything else besides for paying attention to the road.

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