July 26, 2016

How to Prevent Falls in Construction

By Jonathan Damashek

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We’ve already discussed how dangerous construction work is.
The heavy materials, the dangerous tools and the heights are some of the hazards these workers face every day. According to OSHA, fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction workers, accounting for 337 of the 874 construction fatalities recorded in 2014. What many people ignore is that those deaths were preventable. If certain safety measures were taken into consideration, those workers would be today enjoying life with their families and friends.

There are different forms of falls from elevation. These include different elements such as ladders, scaffoldings, and roofs. In an effort to keep you safe, today we want to share with you several safety measures to avoid falls from roofs during construction. Don’t forget that even if you work on low altitudes, these types of accidents can also be fatal.

  • Never work on a roof alone. If something happens, you should always have someone near to help you.
  • Avoid working on a roof with difficult weather conditions; these include snow, rain or thunderstorms.
  • Avoid working on a wet roof since it can be very slippery.
  • Always wear a safety harness and make sure it fits you. Regularly inspect all fall protection equipment to ensure that it’s still in good condition. Wear a hardhat to protect your head, safety glasses and sturdy shoes or boots.
  • Guard or secure covers over holes with materials of sufficient strength, and write “Hole” over the cover upon observing the fall hazard.
  • Use safety monitor systems, warning line systems, or controlled access zones, in accordance with the OSHA Fall Protection standard.
  • Keep the areas free of materials and tools that can cause slip & fall accidents
  • Take your time and do not rush. Being precautious requires more time.

For more safety measures, you can download the complete “Fall Prevention Guide” on the OSHA website. Don’t forget that falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. Do not underestimate heights, be cautious, and stay aware of the hazards you may encounter.

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