February 15, 2012

Pop Star Death Leads to Medical Subpoenas

By Jonathan Damashek

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While it has yet to be officially determined what the cause of the star’s passing was, investigations are underway. The doctors and medical providers of the former Ms. Houston have been issued subpoenas to release their medical and pharmacy records in regards to the pop star. Information has already been released identifying the several bottles of prescription medication that were found in the star’s hotel room after her death. Nothing has been released about the dosage amounts of the types of drugs involved, but further investigations may change this fact.

For any death investigation, it is standard procedure to request medical records such as those that were asked for on behalf of Ms. Houston. While this will be a highly publicized case due to the notoriety of the star, there are many more like it which are equally as serious in nature, yet much less publicized. Dangerous drugs and other acts of foul play that occur within the medical field are more frequent than anyone would like to admit. However, these are a reality and they deserve to be represented by a professional New York personal injury attorney who can help attend to the legal aspects of personal injury claims of this nature.

If you believe that a loved one’s death was the result of unapproved medication that was given to them illegally by their medical physicians, then you may have a medical malpractice case on your hands. In order to address these issues, you should not hesitate to contact a New York wrongful death lawyer from our firm to begin taking action on behalf of the loved one who may have wrongfully lost their life due to a physician’s reckless or negligent behaviors.