June 5, 2020

Pool Safety During Summer Months

By Jonathan Damashek

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Fun, relaxing summer days at the pool are the norm for many people. Cool water on a hot day has an almost irresistible and universal appeal. But for thousands each summer, water activities can result in injury or even death.

On average, about 10 people die each day from unintentional drowning, and two of those 10 are under the age of 14, according to the American Red Cross. Even more people are treated for nonfatal water-related accidents each year. For those who survive near-drowning, the costs of medical and long-term care from brain injuries can be exorbitant.

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Stay Safe Tips for Summer Pool Time

While our firm is here to help those who experience the terrible results of a pool accident, we would prefer never to meet you due to such a heartbreaking reason. Far better for everyone is to follow guidelines for water safety. Luckily, there are lots of resources to help you protect yourself and family from pool accidents.

Follow these safety tips and likely the worst injury you’ll deal with from a pool outing is sunburn! (But you should wear sunscreen to avoid that too.)

Before you go:

  • Teach children how to swim.
  • Provide lifejackets to non-swimmers.
  • Learn CPR.
  • Talk to children about water safety, including to stay away from drains and the buddy system.
  • Make sure your cell phone is fully charged.
  • If you’re taking multiple children, consider having more than one adult go.

When you get there:

  • Inspect the pool and surrounding area for hazards
    • A missing drain cover could allow for suction that might trap someone below water.
    • Broken or missing steps and handrails to exit the water could lead to injury.
    • Slippery or uneven surfaces might cause a fall into the water.
  • Look for safety devices or lifeguards
    • Are there adequate numbers of lifeguards for the number of people using the pool?
    • If there are no lifeguards, is there any floatation or lifesaving devices nearby?
    • Is the pool fenced off to prevent small children from accidentally falling in?
  • Be vigilant
    • It only takes a second for a water injury to occur, always watch children when around water.
    • When swimming, make sure you are aware of others to avoid collisions or rough-housing.
    • Stay out of the water if you feel fatigued or ill.
    • Be firm with children about water safety and call it a day if rules are not being followed.

After Pool Time:

You may think that leaving the pool area is the end of your safety concerns and it very likely is. But it is important that if you or your child had any water mishap, even if it was quickly resolved and the fun continued, that you monitor the situation.

There is a rare phenomenon called “dry drowning,” although the term is a poor description. Medical authorities prefer “post-immersion syndrome” or even “delayed drowning.” What it refers to are instances where a person dies more than 24 hours after swallowing or inhaling liquid but had showed no signs of serious breathing trouble at the time.

In a case of delayed drowning, doctors believe liquid stimulates the voice box, “causing the organ to spasm and shut,” according to an article in Medical News Today. With the voice box closed, liquids end up where they shouldn’t be, and “drowning” can occur.

If There’s Been a Pool Accident

Sometimes no matter how careful someone is around a pool; an accident can occur through the negligence of others. If that happens, the personal injury attorneys of Hecht, Kleeger & Damashek, P.C. can help you get the compensation you deserve. The laws of premise liability can be complex and tedious. We will handle the legal matters, including with the insurance companies, while you focus on more important matters of healing or grief.

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