August 22, 2012

Overloaded SUV Leads to the Death of Five Children

By Jonathan Damashek

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In Texas, a tragic car accident happened on the road which led to the death of five children who were stuffed into a crowded SUV. According to reports a family was on their way to a local water park with a car seating more than the legal limit of children. The GMC Envoy experienced a tire blow on the highway, and with a car stuffed with 12 people, there wasn’t the ability for all of the passengers to wear seatbelts. In the car filled with people, only the driver and another girl were wearing their seatbelts, as a result the driver, Federico Acuna, 36, is now likely to being facing charges of negligence because of the death of so many passengers. It is likely that had they obeyed the rules of the road, lives would have been spared. As Acuna was driving the car, when the tire blew she lost complete control, and the SUV flipped on the road multiple times, with 10 of the passengers being ejected from the car in the process.

Not only is it likely that this woman will be charged with negligent driving, but she too will likely be held responsible for the deaths of the five passengers, between the ages of 2 and 13. The police feel very strongly for this case, and though they have not completed their investigations, she will likely be officially charged with five separate counts of criminal negligent driving. No family should have to experience the loss of five loved ones at one time due to the negligence of one driver. Do you know someone that has been injured or killed in a car accident? Contact the law office of Hecht Kleeger & Damashek for the legal representation they deserve! We want to fight not only for their justice, but also for the emotional damage the loss has caused. Call today for a case evaluation!