February 6, 2013

New York Lawmakers Ask for Fracking Health Review

By Jonathan Damashek

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On Tuesday, February 6, 2013, an assemblywoman for the state of New York headed a coalition of 65 other state lawmakers in asking New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to release the Department of Environmental Conservation’s review of the potential health impacts of shale gas drilling. The release’s request was made in hopes of giving the public a chance to comment before a final decision is made on whether or not to allow drilling to begin.

According to the assemblywoman, the Health Department’s evaluation, which has since been referred to as a “health impact analysis,” is meant to be transparent; however, for whatever reason, the public has not yet been provided with any information regarding the Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) review. Only a day before, a DEC Commissioner reported to lawmakers that no separate health study even exists.

The commissioner’s statements, which were made at Monday’s budget hearing, additionally suggested that the entire environmental impact study of shale gas drilling currently stands as a health impact study. According to the commissioner’s commentary, the study will identify potential adverse health impacts of shale gas drilling in addition to ways to prevent such impacts. As such, the documents are highly anticipated by the state’s lawmakers, many of whom are leading the efforts to secure information from the review.

The material that will be released in the anticipated review could reveal evidence to the dangers of shale gas drilling in New York waters. Given the significant and adverse impacts that oil drilling projects have had on open waters across the globe, the lawmakers’ concern is understandable, as should be your own. If you are in an industry that could be directly affected by the impact of health effects caused by gas drilling, the documents waiting to be released could reveal significant information pertinent to you as well.

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