April 26, 2013

Is Fracking Safe? Environmentalists Challenge New York Study

By Jonathan Damashek

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According to the Associated Press, environmental groups and Common Cause, a government watchdog operation, are challenging the results of a recent investigation that was completed concerning fracking. The study was conducted in New York, where professionals determined whether there was an environmental or health impact associated with shale gas drilling and fracking in the area.

The results of the investigation came back fairly positive, and the researchers explained that fracking does not have the negative impact that many assume it does. Yet a review of the state DEC documents shows that the firms that completed the study all had memberships in the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York. This means that the people who delivered these results were all affiliated with the oil and gas industry, and may have skewed their results in favor of their colleagues.

Ecology and Environment, URS Corp., and Alpha Geoscience are all associations that were involved in the study and have employees with memberships in the Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York. The executive director at Common Cause recently announced that New York residents deserve an independent study on the risks and benefits of fracking, and should not have the rely on the results of this study which may have been tainted. The executive director of Common Cause even goes so far as to demand that a new study be conducted.

As a result of the debate, House committee will examine the Obama Administration fracking research to make sure that it is accurate and if they find false admissions the researchers may be punished accordingly. The Science, Space and Technology Committee will look at the Obama administration research into hydraulic fracturing, along with the Energy Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Interior Department and the Environmental Protection Agency. The government wants to make sure that they are using safe and responsible resources in order to gather the natural gases and oils below the ground.

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