February 7, 2013

Dog Bites – More Common Than You Think

By Jonathan Damashek

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According to the American Humane Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention websites, nearly 4.7 million dog bites occur each year in the United States. An estimated 800,000 of those require medical attention. This means that nearly 2 percent of the population has been bitten by a canine, and every forty seconds, someone is brought to an emergency room with dog-bite related injuries. In fact, 386,000 of the 800,000 need to be admitted to an emergency room for treatment pertaining to dog bites. Each year, an estimated 16 people die from dog bite-related injuries. Not only are canine bites traumatic and potentially painful, but they may also cost a family a fortune. The average stay in a hospital for a victim who is bitten by a dog is 3.5 days. Without insurance, this can be extremely costly. The CDC has estimated that $250 million goes towards dog bite injuries every year.

50 percent of dog attacks involve children under the age of twelve years old, and more than half of those bites occur on the head or the neck. Depending on where the dog bit a child, it can lead to scarring, neurological problems, disfigurement, and more. The American Medical Association reports that dog bites are the second most common injury in childhood. A victim is usually bitten by a canine that he or she knows, dismissing the rumor that people more often bit by an unknown dog or stray. Unfortunately, 50 percent of people who are bit by a dog do not report their injuries, which may allow the dog to bite another innocent person in the future.

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