February 15, 2012

Cancer Drug Scam

By Jonathan Damashek

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Medical clinics and the patrons of these facilities are the most recent victims of an elaborate scam involving counterfeit versions of a cancer drug that has been widely used and distributed among patients in need. An intravenous drug known as Avastin has gained popularity within the medical field to treat cancer patients throughout the U.S. However, the drug has been identified as counterfeit and not deserving of the attention and use it has been getting from many of the medical clinics which have been utilizing the drug over the past couple of years.

Patients suffering from colon, kidney, lung, and other types of cancers are those who stand to be most affected by the fraudulent drug that has made its way into the medical field. Avasin has been used as a more affordable alternative to another pricey medicine that is often used in chemotherapy treatments to block the blood supply flowing to tumors. Unfortunately, tests generated by Genetech (a Swiss pharmaceutical company) brought to light evidence that an active ingredient was missing from the cheaper version of the chemotherapy drug.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued warnings against the use and distribution of this drug. Users are advised to cease use of the medication and clinics have been warned against continuing to prescribe it. According to reports, Avasin is packaged differently from the real thing. Users can differentiate between the fraudulent drug and the true one by assessing the labels of each. True versions of the drug that are not counterfeit will reflect English labels that identify the drug as being made by Genetech. Fake versions of the drug come in boxes written in French that identify the manufacturing company to be Roque. These boxes reflect inaccurate serial numbers which should serve as warnings as to their inability to produce the effects of the real drug.

Last week, 19 letters were sent by the FDA to health care facilities that have been using the unapproved cancer medication. Health care providers have been warned against continuing to use these drugs, and doctors have been advised to dump any remaining medicines still in their possession. It has yet to be determined how widespread the problems related to the counterfeit drug will be, but it has been stated that the fraudulent and dangerous drug ranked 14th among the nation’s best-selling drugs in 2010. Additionally, $6 billion a year has been brought in by Avastin sales.

If you or someone you know has taken this drug as a form of cancer treatment then you may have a legal case on your hands. This is a serious criminal offense that could cause significant injury and/ or illness to the unfortunate and unsuspecting persons who were directed to use the unapproved drug. Therefore, a New York personal injury attorney from Hecht Kleeger & Damashek should be contacted as quickly as possible to attend to the legal aspects of a medical malpractice case such as this. To learn more about how the firm can help represent your case, contact a New York dangerous drugs lawyer from the firm today.