May 4, 2017

Accidents at Construction Sites

By Jonathan Damashek

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Accidents at Construction Sites If you are a construction worker, the probability that you or a co-worker will suffer an accident or injury on the job is high.  Many times, when these incidents happen, workers do not know what to do or how to respond. And unfortunately, how employers react can make all the difference in the life of a victim.

To help save lives and reduce the extent of injuries, we share steps workers should take if an accident occurs at a construction site:

Safety first: Assist your colleague in any way you can, and, if necessary, call 911. Performing CPR, moving him or her from a dangerous area, or helping him or her recover are some reactions that can make a difference. Remember: You must not interfere with the scene of the incident, except to help the injured person, protect someone whose health or safety is at risk, or to prevent further injury.

Report the injury to a supervisor: As soon as you’ve done everything to help your co-worker, call a supervisor and report the accident. It is important to give as many details as you can. If a negligence occurred, this can make a big difference in finding the responsible party.

Make sure you and the rest of your colleagues are in a safe area: After an accident occurs, it is important to reach a safe zone and wait until the area where the injury occurred is cleared of risks by a supervisor.

Reporting unsafe conditions may also help prevent injuries. Check this blog post to learn how you can take responsibility. If you, or a family member, is a victim of a work-site accident, contact us immediately for a free consultation.