October 13, 2012

405 Freeway Construction Worker Crushed to Death by Beam

By Jonathan Damashek

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Our world depends on construction type jobs as we continue to grow as a society and advance in our technology. With our fast expanding number of people within the cities there is a need for more roads, higher buildings, etc. and construction makes that possible. Sadly, construction is also among some of the more dangerous jobs around, because not only are people at extreme heights or being exposed to various chemicals, they are working with heavy machinery and metals.

This was the tragedy that struck a construction working on the 405 Widening Project near Santa Monica Boulevard. According to reports, Adolfo Figueroa was standing near a truck that was unloading large beams, weighing at 3,000 pounds each, when one fell and crushed him to death. He didn’t die immediately, the California Highway Patrol claims that he was stuck underneath for some time and the fire department came to rescue him but he still died there at the scene.

This billion dollar project began in 2009 and the Kiewit Construction Company has not experienced one major injury during that time, and this accident comes as a shock to everyone. David Soterro with the Metropolitan Transit Authority claims that even though the company has worked a total of 4.5 million man hours without injuries, accidents still happen. Whether or not the company has a great safety record, no worker should have to lose his life while on the job.

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