Scaffold Accident Lawyer in New York

New York lawyers help construction workers hurt in scaffolding accident with obtaining workers' comp and other legal actions.

If you’ve been in a recent incident you’ll want to consult with us a scaffold accident lawyer, located in the heart of NY. If you have been injured recently in a scaffold accident, contact us to describe what occurred and learn about how to proceed with legal action. We are fully committed to helping our clients obtain financial compensation for their suffering and will work relentlessly to see justice served.

Despite your best efforts, you were injured due to other people’s negligence and you deserve to have your medical bills covered by the party responsible. We have successfully helped hundreds of injured clients with their workers’ compensation cases, and other legal action, and will work day and night to help see your case through to a successful conclusion.

Why You Need A Scaffold Accident Lawyer

United States Department of Labor and the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2009 Census of Fatal Injuries states that 54 fatal accidents occur a year from scaffolding falls and failures. These frequent accidents are usually at fault of the employers, who do not properly train employees on the safety precautions.

Most falls can be avoided though, and if you have been injured you should be able to receive benefits. The labor laws of the state of New York protect workers by legally defining what an employer must provide in order to keep scaffolding up and have their employees stay safe; if an employer violates the labor law and you find yourself facing injuries or know someone who has died you may be eligible to receive compensation.

Were you injured from a fall?

A construction site is a constantly evolving environment. As a structure is built it changes shape, requiring new materials and other elements. To facilitate all of these changes, the site is constantly covered in scaffolding, enabling the workers to reach multiple sites at multiple levels.

They can construct it improperly, fail to properly compensate for grade increases or decreases at the base or other errors that result in the scaffolding failing. When this occurs, workers around it can get hurt and even suffer catastrophic harm.

How A Scaffold Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Construction accidents, including malfunctioning scaffold, can cause serious damage, including broken bones, head injuries, damage to the neck, spinal cord injuries and other severe wounds. It’s crucial to obtain proper legal support immediately. The workers’ compensation process is very long and complex and making mistakes during the process can end up jeopardizing your chance at getting properly compensated.

Besides the workers’ compensation process, there are also elements of New York’s Labor Law that can be utilized, including section 240 that provides special protection for workers who were injured in “gravity-related accidents,” such as falls.